Chevrolet Global Performance 2017. Sales disappointing again

chevrolet global performance
Chevrolet Global Performance

Chevrolet Global Performance 2017 continue to disappoint and after the lost reported in the period 2010-2016, global sales were flat at 4.1 million units. Only in the ASEAN the performance was positive, while the Silverado is the best selling model.

In the period 2010-2016 Chevrolet global sales declined score with 2010-2016  Compound annual growth rate (C.A.G.R) of -0.9% (vs 4.6% of the industry), the worse performance among  the top 25 global automotive brands. In the 2017 sales have been flat with 4.14 million units.

Out of the twelve regions in which we split the World, Chevrolet is losing in 8 with up score just in the Asean, a marginal region for this brand, and in the Latin America, the only place where this brand is dominating.

At model wise, the best-selling model is the Silverado with 661.000 units followed by the Equinox with 375.000 and the Malibu with 360.000.

Global Automotive Database

Based on the over 750 millions vehicles sales downloaded within of GAD (Global Auto Database) collected and aggregated by hundreds selected sources covering over 140 vehicles markets worldwide, our “Brand Performance Reports” refer to registrations data.

Chevrolet Global Performance Report

In our exclusive study we report sales, year by year, for each region. So it is detailed the sales variations behind the fact that the top region actually is again the American with 75.7% of total sales in the 2017 (from 66% in the 2010), thanks to the recovery in the US and Canada plus the positive performance scored in Center and South America. All other regions had lost relevance with Asia at 21.7% in the 2017 (it was 22.6%). Having decided to quite West Europe, sales in the old continent were just 35.364 in the 2016, or 0.9% from the 8.3% in the 2010.

We track Chevrolet sales in 121 countries.

In 2017, the top market was USA with 50.4% of total sales, followed by China with 13.0%, Brazil with 8.3%, Mexico with 7.1%  and South Korea with 4.4%. In the study all models sales are analyzed from 2010 to 2017.

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Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2016Sales 2017Variation 2017Mix 2017Sales 2018 e
1212Europe East52520,6%0,0%55
11America North2.247.9702.236.888-0,5%54,0%2.282.307
76Africa North39.62330.953-21,9%0,7%34.281
Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Chevrolet Silverado661.078638.0313,6%
24Chevrolet Equinox375.725275.72536,3%
33Chevrolet Malibu360.990372.556-3,1%
42Chevrolet Cruze337.719446.058-24,3%
57Chevrolet Onix230.954174.99632,0%
619Chevrolet Cavalier193.61550.786281,2%
75Chevrolet Spark176.192243.416-27,6%
86Chevrolet Sail164.418186.371-11,8%
99Chevrolet Colorado145.955133.2709,5%
108Chevrolet Trax143.108170.688-16,2%