Renault 2017. Global sales first time over 3 million units


Renault Global Performance 2017 was outstanding with the record sales of more than 3 million units, up 8.6%. The growth was spread in all regions, but Asia is shining, up 33%, mainly thanks the boom in India.

Renault is one of the fastest growing brands in the automotive world and following the amazing 2010-2016 period when sales improved with a Compound annual growth rate (C.A.G.R) of 13.8% (vs 4.6% of the industry). In the 2017 the momentum was still on with sales over the 3 million units for the first time (3.036.000) (including Renault Samsung), 8.6%.

The growth is extended across all regions a part the North Africa with impressive performance in the GCC and in Asia (including China, India, Japan), driven by the boom in India.

At model-wise, the best-selling model is again the Clio with 405.000 sales followed by the Captur with 265.000 and the Sandero with 223.000.

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Renault Global Performance Report

In our exclusive study we report sales, year by year, for each region. So it is detailed the sales variations behind the fact that the top region actually is Europe with 67.0% of global sales in the 2017 (it was 71.4% in the 2010) while Asian is taking space at 13.2% (vs 5.5% in the 2010) and America is losing at 14.7% in the 2016 (vs 17.9% in 2010) after raising at 22.3% in the 2013. The fall of Brazilian market is responsible for this.

France still is the top market albeit its weight declined from 30.7% in the 2010 to 22.4% in the 2017. Among the top 10 markets, seventh are European. Iran recovered the 10th place last year!

In the study all models sales are analyzed from 2010 to 2017

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Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2016Sales 2017Variation 2017Mix 2017Sales 2018 e
55Europe East125.066133.7857,0%4,8%142.545
66Africa North83.81181.134-3,2%2,9%90.013
Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Renault Clio405.424415.525-2,4%
22Renault Captur265.115238.72111,1%
33Renault Sandero223.962174.53928,3%
44Renault Mégane222.276169.62131,0%
55Renault Kadjar153.636162.439-5,4%
66Renault Duster137.724152.728-9,8%
77Renault Kwid123.640107.53515,0%
811Renault Scénic105.74183.57226,5%
98Renault Kangoo103.02092.81411,0%
109Renault Logan92.36788.2674,6%