Kenya 2022. Auto Market Interrupts Rise Falling 2.0% In Yearly Sales

The 2022 Nissan frontier 72X Concept
The 2022 Nissan frontier 72X Concept

Kenya’s Auto market in 2022 interrupts the momentum built up in 2021, falling 2.0% to 15,941 new sales. Toyota and Isuzu hold more than 70% market share combined.

Market Trend and Outlook

Kenya’s car market in 2022 falls for the first year after reporting a 36.9% increase in sales the year prior. With 15,941 new sales, the market is down 2.0% compared to 2021.

Looking at cumulative data from 2022 brand-wise, this year’s leader is still Toyota with 36.7% market share and a 4.3% increase in sales, followed by Isuzu with 22.3% market share and a 5.8% loss in volume. Nissan with a 24.0% growth maintains 3rd spot in the ranking.