LED Aerials: The Safety Feature Your 4WD Car Needs Today


Safety is paramount when you take your vehicle 4WDing, especially through rugged, hilly terrain where visibility is limited. One of the best ways to ensure your vehicle’s visibility is to affix an LED aerial.

What is an LED aerial?

An LED aerial looks like a long antenna that is affixed to your vehicle. Its long tubular housing contains hundreds of small LED lights which illuminate to increase your vehicle’s visibility. One of the best things about utilizing LED lights is you don’t have to worry about half your aerial going dark like you would a strand of lights for the Christmas tree.

They are also designed to withstand severe weather conditions, so you can safely head out for some fun no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. Rain, snow, mud, dust, nothing will make its way inside your aerial or cause damage to the electrical components.

Lastly, the tubular housing is extremely bendy and flexible. Some aerials can bend up to 180 degrees. This is key for riding over rough terrain as it allows the aerial to bend and flex as vehicle speed increases and decreases or changes direction around bends and corners.

Why use an LED aerial?

The greatest reason to affix an LED aerial to your vehicle is safety. Anytime you take your vehicle off-road into low visibility conditions you run the risk of colliding with another vehicle especially when on the job site.

LED aerials take the guesswork out of where other vehicles are by providing an illuminated beacon in the air, almost like an arrow pointing straight down to your bonnet. This is especially important driving through hilly terrain where another vehicle might not be able to see you if you’ve gone down into a dip.

It’s also beneficial when a dust storm kicks up or when you create your own dust mess as you’re out speeding along. The LED aerial rises up above your dust cloud and lets other vehicles around you know just where you are, so they can avoid running into you by mistake.

If you’re keen to install one for safety reasons but are concerned about the difficulty, read on for key information about mounting your LED aerial.

Ways to mount your LED aerial

LED aerials are quite easy to mount, and you’ll find a wide range of options for doing so. First, you’ll want to determine if you want your aerial mounted permanently or if you’ll only need it for the occasional off-road trip.

Permanent mounting options include fixed bolt-on and anti-rotational fold-down. Great for the job site, these options are a one-off install, and your aerial will be there for good.

The other mounting options include a quick-release base which secures the aerial with a pin or the magnetic base which as you guessed uses a magnet. Both these options are great for the occasional off-roader who is looking for increased safety while they’re out having fun.

LED aerials offer another layer of protection in dangerous driving conditions, so you can have fun, whilst still staying safe.