Reunion 2016. Market up for the third year in a row


Reunion Island Auto Sales 2016 improved moderately keeping the positive path for the third year in a row, while failing to beat the 2007 record. Podium unchanged with Peugeot, Renault and Citroen.

The remote Indian Ocean island of Reunion lies between Madagascar and Mauritius. As a French overseas territory, it has the same political status as other departments in mainland France. Densely populated and ethnically diverse, the island’s capital of Saint-Denis is home to one-fifth of the population. Reunion has traditionally prospered from the cultivation of sugar cane but tourism and financial aid from Paris help underpin the economy.

The local automotive industry is a small reality, almost stable due to a solid economy and almost high local revenue. The new vehicles sales hit the highest level in the 2007 and has not yet been able to do more. In the 2016, sales had been 29.011, scoring the fourth consecutive increase, up 6.4% from the previous year.

Market leader was Peugeot with 5.839 sales  (+6.4%) and 20.1% of market share followed by Renault with 5.686 units (+7.8%), Citroen with 2.020 (-15.1%), Dacia with 1.912 (+11.4%) and Volkswagen with 1.780 (+0.4%).

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