Six Reasons Leasing A Ford Ranger Raptor Makes Sense


Leasing a car is not for everyone, but it is definitely loaded with some great advantages depending on your financial situation, preferences, and your lifestyle. 

Leasing the car comes with some initial fees and monthly payments – but it may end up being the better deal for you in the long run. 

Leasing a Ford Ranger Raptor is a great idea, and here’s why:

6 Reasons

1. It is more affordable.

Leasing the Ford Ranger Raptor comes with multiple benefits, one of them being how much more affordable it is compared to actually buying the Ford Ranger. When purchasing the Ranger, you pay for the entire cost of the vehicle.

If you lease the car, then you will only need to pay the depreciation of the Ford Ranger for a short period of time. You can drive the Ranger home for a small fraction of the total price through a lease.

The down payment is also much less than it would be if you purchased the car. In some instances, you may even be able to lease the car without making a down payment – this will undoubtedly keep your overall costs down and make it much more affordable.

2. The warranty period

Newer vehicles will only be leased for a very short period of time. This means that you would lease the car during its warranty period. This is a bonus as it means that you will not have to spend money on maintenance or any repairs on the Ranger that you have leased.

3. Update the model 

Many of us like to change it up and drive a new car from time to time, especially when car brands are continuously launching new and improved models. Buying a new vehicle and disposing of your old one every 2 to 3 years can be relatively challenging.

However, when you lease a car, you can easily decide to choose a new model to drive when your current lease reaches its expiration date. With a lease, you can experience driving various cars.

4. Loads of choices when discarding the car

When your lease for your Ford Ranger reaches its expiration date, you can buy the car for yourself on some pretty attractive terms. At least you have a good idea of the car’s history and how it drives and works for you.

You can also decide to return the Ford Ranger and choose a brand new vehicle.

You can also opt to extend your whole lease period or merely hand the keys back to the dealer and walk away from the lease entirely – the options are endless and all up to you.

However, if you decide to purchase the Ford Ranger you have leased, then you will have to dispose of it at some point, as trading it in is not an easy option.

By leasing the vehicle, you can have the chance to drive around a great car and enjoy it even though you do not necessarily have the funds to purchase the car.

5. Fewer long-term reliability doubts

When buying the car you want, you tend to worry about its long-term reliability. But, when you lease it, you will not have to worry about these things. 

You will lease the car in the early stages of its life when it is brand new, so there’s no need to worry about it aging, rusting, or any wear and tear on its interior while in your ownership.

The chances of your leased car breaking down are also very slim as you will be leasing it in its prime years, so you will avoid the extra costs of the maintenance and have a hassle-free car.

6. Business usage benefits

Another fantastic benefit is if you use your leased Ford Ranger Raptor for business. The tax on a leased car does not occur on its upfront cost but rather on its monthly payments. And if you use the vehicle for business purposes, you can deduct much more.

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Final Thoughts

Leasing a car may not be the best option for everyone, but it certainly has numerous benefits that we can’t ignore. It is definitely something to look into and consider. 

If you’ve had your eye on the Ford Ranger Raptor, but it just does not fit your budget, then get your hands on that baby by leasing it – you’ll enjoy driving the car you want at a very low cost.