Switzerland 2014. Volkswagen dominates

Swiss Vehicle Market

2014 Swiss Vehicle Market dominated by Volkswagen doubling the second, BMW, with over 40.000 units sold. Volkswagen Golf, Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Polo have been the best-selling models.

In December 2014 according to data released by Auto Suisse, the Association of Automotive Importers, total new Car Passengers sold in Switzerland have been 32.857, up 9.1% compared with the correspondent month last year, breaking a four months negative series.

Full Year 2014 sales in Switzerland have been 301.942, down 1.9% from 2013.

Albeit a sharp fall scored in December Volkswagen sold in the year the double than the second, with figures at 40.146 sales and 13.3% of market share.

Audi in second sold 2.767 units (+13.2%) in December and 20.949 (-1.4%) in the year, when was third, behind BMW (21.144 sales).

In December great performances have been posted by several brands like Mercedes (5th with 1.794 sales, +27.2%), Fiat (11th with 1.125 sales, +58.0%), Hyundai (12th with 1.052 units, +41.0%) Jeep (18th with 671 sales, +188.0%) and Land Rover (23rd with 422 units, +66.1%)

Looking at the report on Car Groups, the leader was Volkswagen Group with 33.8% of market share, ahead of BMW with 9.2% and Renault-Nissan Group with 7.8%.

As far as model ranking report, Volkswagen Golf was again on top with 1.609 sales (-29.2%) ahead of Skoda Octavia with 953 units (-5.6%) and Volkswagen Polo with 856 (+3.5%)

Among the fastest growing model there were the Seat Leon (5th with 578 sales, +43.4%), the Ford Kuga (9th with 480, +52.4%), the Audi Q5 (11th with 461, +93.7%) and the Fiat 500 (16th with 388, +115.6%).