UAE 2016. The Best Selling Cars ranking


UAE best selling cars 2016 ranking shows a new leader while the ranking has been re-mixed by the effect of sharp and sudden market decline after years of outstanding performances.

The UAE has proven fairly resilient to the recent economic headwinds triggered by low oil prices and weak global demand, due to its relatively diversified economy compared to that of neighboring Gulf countries. However, GDP growth is slowing down and lower oil revenues have strained public finances, increasing the need for a tight fiscal adjustment.

In the 2016 a sharp consumer’s decline hit the domestic vehicles demand in the United Arab Emirates with dealers struggling for the huge stock and their un experience to manage a new environment, after sixth years of consecutive growth.

The ranking of best-selling cars was effected by the economic environment but is also reflecting the “export potential” of single models, considering that at least the 20% of cars sold in the country use to be exported.

So, the ranking propose a new leader, after the surprisingly victory of the Mitsubishi Lancer in the 2015 “race”.

Indeed, the new leader has gained sixth spots from the same period last year and was the Toyota Land Cruiser with 18.328 units (+44.0%).

It was followed by the Nissan Patrol with 15.532 (-7.4%) and the Toyota Hilux with 15.331 sales (-27.4%)

In fourth place the Mitsubishi Pajero with 11.811 units (-30.0%) followed by the previous year leader, the Mitsubishi Lancer, with 11.417 (-58.6%), the Toyota Prado with 9.976 units (-33.3%), the Toyota Land Cruiser P/U with 7.682 (-43.4%), the BMW X5 with 7.458 (+9.6%), the Toyota Corolla with 7.032 (-50.3% )and in 10th place the Toyota Camry with 6.747 (-29.3%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 100 Models

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