World Best Selling Mid Size Cars. The top 50 in the 2015.

World Best Selling Mid Size Cars

World Best Selling Mid Size Cars 2015 ranking was dominated by the Toyota Camry, leader for the 13th year in a series. Behind the Volkswagen Passat and Lavida while the new Mercedes C Class stands as fastest star.

Introducing this new exclusive ranking, we wish to specify the contents of this segment inside the car passenger’s market.

It is defined “A mid-size car (occasionally referred to as an intermediate) is the North American/Australian standard for an automobile with a size equal to or greater than that of a compact. In Europe mid-sized are referred to as D-segment or large family cars.”

In the table below we report the ranking of the World best-selling mid-size cars in the entire 2015. The segment represented 10.24 million vehicles, the 11.4% of total global light vehicles market. In the 2015 improved only 0.6% (while full market was up 2.5%).

The best-selling model in the segment was the Toyota Camry with 749.554 sales, down 2.3% from last year. The model is the 6th best-selling cars – all segments – in the World.

The ranking

Thank to the 2015 leadership, the Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car in the segment for 13 straight years and the last generation launched as Model Year 2015, when Toyota stripped it down to its chassis and rebuilt it from the ground up, is raising the bar yet again in the ultra-competitive mid-size sedan segment.

The second model was the Volkswagen Passat with 575.402 units, fully benefit from the last generation launch (October 2014) growing 5.4% expanding the gap over the third, the Volkswagen Lavida, one of the best-selling vehicles in China, registered with 472.841 units (-2.9%).

Fourth was the Hyundai Sonata with 449.544 sales (+2.8%) ahead of the fast growing Mercedes C Class, up 5 spots with 371.785 units (+22.3%).

The all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class heralds a new chapter in the Mercedes-Benz success story and sets new standards in the premium mid‑range class. Thanks to an intelligent lightweight design concept boasting weight savings of up to 100 kilograms, excellent aerodynamics and new, economical engines, the C-Class establishes new benchmarks in its class.

In sixth place the Nissan Altima with 363.693 sales (-1.6%) followed by the Nissan Sylphy with 345.616 (+105%), the Ford Fusion with 332.646 (-4.0%), the BMW Series 3 with 332.550 (-10.0%) and in 10th place the Chevrolet Malibu with 314.763 (-11.9%).

F2M Mobility Database

Thanks to the powerful F2M mobility database expanded, day after day, collecting sales of over 2.400 different models in all countries in the World, we can provide any kind of segmentation including this one.

On demand, we are able to extract similar data for any segment in any country or regional area.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2015Rank 2014ModelSales 2015Sale 20142015 VarShare 2015Share 2014
11Toyota Camry749.554767.289-2,3%7,3%7,5%
22Volkswagen Passat575.402543.1005,9%5,6%5,3%
33Volkswagen Lavida472.841486.802-2,9%4,6%4,8%
44Hyundai Sonata449.544437.3382,8%4,4%4,3%
510Mercedes C Class371.785304.02722,3%3,6%3,0%
65Nissan Altima363.693369.629-1,6%3,6%3,6%
79Nissan Sylphy345.616312.87510,5%3,4%3,1%
88Ford Fusion332.646346.587-4,0%3,2%3,4%
96BMW 3 Series332.550369.373-10,0%3,2%3,6%
107Chevrolet Malibu314.763357.080-11,9%3,1%3,5%
1112Buick Excelle GT290.213246.30517,8%2,8%2,4%
1211Volkswagen Santana276.209285.301-3,2%2,7%2,8%
1418Ford Mondeo207.472165.55625,3%2,0%1,6%
1515Audi A4195.549205.144-4,7%1,9%2,0%
1617Kia Optima193.023196.469-1,8%1,9%1,9%
1716Skoda Rapid175.557199.815-12,1%1,7%2,0%
1814Volkswagen Magotan155.507207.243-25,0%1,5%2,0%
1923Hyundai Mistra154.603134.99714,5%1,5%1,3%
2026BMW 4 Series146.295114.19928,1%1,4%1,1%
2133Ford Mustang144.16695.97950,2%1,4%0,9%
2224Buick Regal131.318134.747-2,5%1,3%1,3%
2331Mercedes CLA131.066100.73030,1%1,3%1,0%
2420Buick LaCrosse128.146137.076-6,5%1,3%1,3%
2521Nissan Teana127.599135.934-6,1%1,2%1,3%
2622Lexus ES118.670135.666-12,5%1,2%1,3%
2719Honda Crider116.759157.207-25,7%1,1%1,5%
2838Peugeot 408116.50081.28143,3%1,1%0,8%
2925Audi A4L115.149120.193-4,2%1,1%1,2%
3028Volvo V40110.203106.9363,1%1,1%1,1%
3132PEUGEOT 405108.92798.03711,1%1,1%1,0%
3227Dodge Charger108.269108.723-0,4%1,1%1,1%
3366Volkswagen Lamando104.21429.000259,4%1,0%0,3%
3435BMW 3 Series L98.60093.6675,3%1,0%0,9%
3529Kia K596.947104.486-7,2%0,9%1,0%
3630Opel Insignia96.222101.550-5,2%0,9%1,0%
3742Subaru Legacy89.06572.22423,3%0,9%0,7%
3848Buick Verano88.14551.40371,5%0,9%0,5%
3937Skoda Superb86.72388.645-2,2%0,8%0,9%
4055Mercedes C Class L85.08038.189122,8%0,8%0,4%
4136Audi A584.99789.119-4,6%0,8%0,9%
4234Chevrolet Camaro83.16393.850-11,4%0,8%0,9%
4343Dodge Challenger72.18556.51327,7%0,7%0,6%
4441Toyota Avalon70.55778.721-10,4%0,7%0,8%
4568Kia K462.14726.700132,8%0,6%0,3%
4647Infiniti Q5061.84952.54117,7%0,6%0,5%
4751Beijing Auto Senova D5060.23742.60741,4%0,6%0,4%
4840Geely King Kong57.38778.890-27,3%0,6%0,8%
4939Volkswagen CC54.99879.574-30,9%0,5%0,8%
5044Haima M5 (Family)49.42254.969-10,1%0,5%0,5%