10 Things to Know About the Isuzu D-Max


The recently launched Isuzu D-Max has come a long way from the very first version launched in 2012. Even though there were shortfalls in the model and some facelifts over the years, the newer one has a lot for you to appreciate. The design of the 2020 iteration is something you should delve more into. Here are some interesting facts about this new iteration.

Before we get into the specs, note that understanding the following will help you make an informed decision when considering an Isuzu D-Max.

The interior is much more refined

It won’t take you many glances to realize that the new Isuzu D-Max has left all its previous versions behind, especially in terms of the interior. To elaborate further, it consists of a modern console and, overall, high-end textures. Moreover, the front seat cushions are covered in polyurethane with just the right kind of embossing.

It has a better wading height/depth

A huge chunk of a car’s worth is determined by its wading depth. The wading depth is a crucial factor that decides how high of a flood a car can handle while driving. As the Isuzu D-Max has a depth of about 80 centimetres, it has left all its predecessors behind in this regard too.

The brakes are bigger and better

Another crucial factor any car enthusiast would look for in a vehicle of interest is their brake size. Thankfully, the Isuzu D-Max consists of 33 cm long brakes for better ability to stop. The company also claims that apart from the great braking performance, there have also been certain tweaks in the vibration/noise levels of the vehicle.

The rear diff lock has electromagnets

As opposed to all the previous models, the recent one has rear diff locks made of electromagnets. This feature previously lacking in some models was also known to affect the car’s off-road ability. As per the company, this upgraded feature will allow faster transfer of power to the wheels. This means it will take a very short time to switch between high and low, as well as a drive with two and four wheels.

It’s lightweight, thanks to the changes in powertrain

In their attempt to cut down on the weight, this time, the company made sure to have only one aluminum propeller shaft. Moreover, to make the process of reversing easy, the shift level has also been replaced from the canted design to a pull-ring design.

The strength of the latest model is unmatched

The new model consists of steel plates to help keep the vehicle’s weight down. Moreover, as per some claims from the company, the body rigidity is also much better than the previous models that suffered structural weakness. Due to lower efficiency in the suspension of previous versions, Isuzu decided to increase the rigidity by over 20% with the latest Isuzu D-Max.

The security features are much more enhanced

Unlike previous models, the new Isuzu D-Max has state-of-the-art safety tech. With better monitoring of the blind spot and the cross-traffic alert feature, the new model is taking the world by storm. Additionally, it also has features such as the hill start and descent control that allow the vehicle to drive on steep surfaces better.

The overall fuel consumption is low

Nothing saves your valuable bucks better than a vehicle that doesn’t consume an entire country’s worth of fuel. This is where the Isuzu D-Max’s fuel efficiency comes in. As per the company’s representatives from Japan, the new model consumes lesser fuel than the previous models. Moreover, the carbon dioxide emission rate is also lower. The diesel engine of the vehicle consists of four cylinders, and the fuel efficiency is about 8L/100KM.

The new model has a better aesthetic appeal

If you’re a car buff who takes both internal and external elements of a car into consideration, the Isuzu D-Max is a whole package. From serving looks to giving top-notch fuel performance, this vehicle has everything it takes to be on the top of your list. Apart from incorporating LED lights, the silhouette is also much more aggressive.

The Isuzu D-Max is more powerful

Last but not least, the overall strength and power of the new Isuzu D-Max is something one cannot overlook. With its 3.0L turbo diesel engine, the vehicle is able to deliver a high amount of torque and power. This power boost is one of the most crucial features that set the new model apart from its older counterparts.

The Bottom Line

Whether you like to take it fast or slow, the vehicle is suited to every driver’s distinct driving style. While most vehicles don’t give slow drivers a tough time, it’s those who drive fast who need a car suited to their needs. This is why the Isuzu D-Max is your best bet when it comes to speeding up.

As you speed up, the noise of the vehicle settles down, and even if it fidgets in between, going faster is the only way to make it settle down. It’s also smooth to drive around on motorways, but it may still not be able to catch up to the quality SUV provides.

Hence, it’s proven that the strongest area for this vehicle is off-road nonetheless. Moreover, it’s well-suited to rough conditions, making it the right candidate for your trips up to the mountains and other steep areas.

Fortunately, the current year is predicted to be significant for the Isuzu D-Max, given that most of its rivals are out of the market. Even strong competitors such as the Fiat Fullback and Mercedes X-Class are out of the league, leaving a huge market for the Isuzu D-Max to conquer.

All in all, the arrival of this new model is surely giving a tough time to all its competitors. Isuzu has also ensured that through its updated top specs, it’s able to grasp attention from lifestyle buyers, a market well-suited to the sales of this vehicle. So, if you’re looking for something as calm and tough as the vehicle in question, don’t let this perfect opportunity of investing in it go to waste.