Canada 2014. Vehicles market at the new record

Canadian Auto Market

2014 was the New All-Time Record Year for Canadian Auto Market, the third in a row for a market that is fueled by surging consumer’s demand and new models success. Ford Group beats FCA for few units. Is Alfa Romeo back?

In December 2014 according to data released by GoodCarBadCar, the total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold in Canada have been 131.520, improving volume by 16.2% compared with same month year ago, the best ever December in the market history.

Full Year 2014 sales in Canada have been 1.852.418, up 6.2% from 2013, hitting the new all-time record the third in a row.

The market was pushed by fast growth of FCA Group that challenged the Ford leadership, ending the race with just few units below the traditional market leader, putting the base for a clamorous stable surpass in one of the next months.

In December Ford sold 21.944 vehicles +39.5% and this great performance allowed to win the race towards FCA group. Full Year Ford sales were 285.004, up 3.1% from 2013.

Honda was second in December (third in the year) with 11.934 sales, +3.4% outpacing Toyota that fell 1.8% at 10.768 units. Full Year Toyota sales were 179.324 (+5.3%).

Chevrolet kept the fourth place with 10.588 units with cumulative figures at 144.271.

Ram advanced in 5th place with 9.351 sales ending the year in 7th place with 93.760 units sold.

December was memorable for Audi (17th with 1.920 sales, +34.0%), Buick (19th with 1.515 units, +64.5%), Chrysler (21st with 1.437, +86.9%), Infiniti (24th with 801 sales, +35.8%) and Lincoln (25th with 681 sales, +61.4%).

It could be memorable also for Alfa Romeo. We found two Alfa’s sold in December. The first shy step for a new start?

As far as the Car Groups performance and ranking,  Ford recovered the monthly leadership with a strong rush to keep the annual crown achieving a share of 17.2%, followed by FCA with 16.5% and GM with 14.6%.

As far as model ranking report, the Ford F-Series sales grew 36.7% in the month at 10.387 while the Dodge RAM did better with 8.396 units (+51.4%). The third place was again for the Honda CR-V with 4.603 ahead of Honda Civic, third I the year, at 4.031.

Among the fastest growing model we picked up the Jeep Cherokee (17th with 1.938 units, +700.3).