Japan best selling cars. The top in 2020

Japan best selling cars

Japan best selling cars in 2020 is again dominated by the kei-car Honda N-Box, followed by the Nissan Dayz and the Suzuki Spacia. The new entry, the Toyota Raize lands in 6th place with 2.5% of market share.

In the Japanese car market, 73% is represented by the top 50 models while almost 90% is represented by the top 100. During the last decade, the leadership has frequently changed. However, since 2017, the new market leader has been Honda N-Box.

Indeed, after the last year’s market share peak at 5%, the Honda N-Box – despite registering a marginal decline – is still the on top of the list, holding 4.7%. The second position is taken by Nissan Dayz, with 3.6% of market share, ahead of Suzuki Spacia and the Daihatsu Move.

In 6th place we find the regular cars’ leader – entered in the market just 4 months ago – the Toyota Raize, which holds 2.5% of share.

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Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020February sales+/- February
11Honda N-Box38.130-3,7%19.177-6,0%
24Nissan Dayz29.7616,0%15.4956,6%
33Daihatsu Tanto26.828-5,2%14.496-4,4%
42Suzuki Spacia26.356-12,7%13.945-11,9%
56Daihatsu Move20.527-9,7%11.570-6,5%
6241Toyota Raize20.1999.979
716Toyota Corolla18.37829,4%9.89829,5%
85Nissan Note17.442-28,4%9.913-23,2%
97Nissan Serena15.428-26,7%8.647-20,9%
1011Toyota Sienta15.097-14,1%8.266-7,8%
119Toyota Aqua15.055-25,3%8.433-25,2%
1232Honda N-WGN14.49353,2%11.121116,5%
1315Daihatsu Mira e:S14.4887.244
148Toyota Prius14.177-31,1%7.518-36,6%
1514Honda Freed14.079-5,0%7.320-9,8%
1617Toyota Roomy13.8752,3%7.6828,6%
1719Daihatsu Hijet Cargo13.0106.764
1710Daihatsu Mira13.010-32,5%7.169-29,0%
1820Suzuki Alto12.6880,6%7.0521,5%
1921Toyota 180 Series12.3170,0%8.5070,0%
2013Toyota Voxy12.302-24,8%6.745-26,1%
2125Suzuki Hustler11.3435,9%5.80911,9%
22240Toyota RAV411.2885.739
2324Toyota Tank11.052-2,0%6.1595,1%
2427Suzuki Every Van10.4185.525
2523Toyota Alphard10.388-10,1%5.241-7,3%
2630Daihatsu Move Canbus9.9660,0%4.9830,0%
2722Honda Fit9.956-19,0%8.22123,4%
2812Suzuki WagonR9.855-40,5%5.673-37,9%
2934Suzuki Carry9.0764.921
3045Subaru Impreza8.34630,2%4.186-5,8%
3137Suzuki Solio7.593-4,0%3.951-2,9%
3228Toyota C-HR7.455-28,4%3.912-35,7%
3331Toyota Noah7.188-24,7%3.998-26,7%
3429Honda StepWGN7.057-29,9%3.803-28,4%
3526Honda Vezel7.052-32,6%3.544-40,0%
36241Mazda CX-306.6633.708
3744Nissan NT 100 Clipper Van6.5813.823
3818Toyota Vitz6.455-50,5%2.876-62,9%
3942Toyota Esquire6.368-10,1%3.490-20,1%
4033Mitsubishi eK6.212-31,7%3.363-31,8%
4148Mazda Demio6.1693.653
4240Mazda CX-55.729-22,5%2.987-26,9%
4349Suzuki Swift5.360-13,0%2.821-18,2%
4439Toyota Passo5.342-30,8%3.223-28,4%
4535Nissan X-Trail5.320-40,1%2.580-53,1%
4651Suzuki Jimny4.895-8,4%2.336-20,4%
4738Daihatsu Cast4.670-40,7%1.912-55,4%
4855Suzuki Alto Lapin4.6302.317
4953Subaru Forester4.620-6,0%2.448-26,3%