3 Most Important Things to Know About AI-Powered Dash Cams


An AI-powered dash cam is a dual or single-facing cam that truck or car owners install into their vehicles to analyze road conditions continuously. Dual-facing dash cameras analyze both the road ahead and driver behavior to help motorists minimize distracted driving and sidestep collisions by providing alerts.

Top-rated car dash cams also have the GPS feature that helps drivers and vehicle owners unlock new levels of efficiency and safety on the road. Let’s discover the three most important things you need to know about AI-powered dash cams before you can purchase one and install it in your car or truck.

Four Main Types of AI Dash Cameras Exist

Different types of dashboard cameras exist. Each of these dash cameras comes with a unique set of benefits and features. These cameras include:

  • Front view: A front view dash camera captures anything that happens in front of your car. It’s the most common and affordable dash camera option.
  • Front and rear view: A front and rear view dashboard camera captures the road ahead and behind your vehicle.
  • Cabin view: A cabin view dashboard camera captures your vehicle’s interior. This type is common with taxi and professional drivers.
  • Dual channel: A dual dashboard cam features two separate cameras. One records the front view, while the other captures the cabin or rear view. With greater flexibility and coverage, a dual-channel camera allows you to record multiple areas of your truck or car simultaneously.

AI Dash Cameras are Easy to Download

It’s easier to install an AI-powered dashboard camera. Most of these gadgets come with a sticky pad or suction cup that secures the camera to your dashboard or windscreen.

During installation, you can position your camera either next to your rear-view mirror or behind and ensure your lens focuses on the road. After installation, adjust the viewing by simply rotating your camera to make sure that it captures and records the desired view.

A more advanced dash cam may need a professional to help you install it. This is particularly true when your camera needs to be hardwired into your car’s electrical system.

Dash Cams Are Legal to Use

In most states and countries, including the USA and the UK, dashboard cameras are legal. You can use them without any special permit. But you need to be aware of restrictions and guidelines you need to follow and adhere to when installing and using your dash camera, for example:

  • Your dash cam must not block your view
  • If you’ve got a cabin-facing dashboard cam, it’s vital to let your passengers know they’re being captured. You can encounter legal consequences when you film your passengers without their consent.

Are Dashboard Cameras Worth it?

The decision to purchase and install a dashboard camera depends on your personal needs and budget. A dashboard camera’s initial cost might be a deterrent, but the potential benefits far outweigh the expense. That means it’s worth it!