5 Ways Bollards Are Used In Commercial Parking Garages

5 Ways Bollards Are Used In Commercial Parking Garages
5 Ways Bollards Are Used In Commercial Parking Garages

Anyone who has ever entered a parking garage would know that if there isn’t enough visible instruction, the garage could be a daunting place to navigate. Some of these parking garages are dark, narrow, and have limited availability concerning parking spaces, making it even more frustrating.

Developers realize that some parking garages need work and noted people’s complaints about current structures. For this reason, they have started implementing various ways of creating a better experience for motorists, and this includes the creation of bollards.

Luckily, bollards are relatively easy to install at a pre-existing structure, and there are many different types you can choose from in the market. Your choice will depend on your needs and the part of the structure you want to improve. Generally, bollards are short, thick posts secured on the ground. Below are their uses:

1. To Create A Visual Guide And Barrier

A parking garage can quickly become a hot mess of cars all vying for the same space. Still, when good indicators like signs, road markings, and bollards exist, drivers will know where to go without causing problems for themselves and others.

If trouble causes congestion inside the parking garage, Dugite retractable bollards or similar products will be beneficial to managing traffic flow. The parking garage attendants can raise or lower these bollards depending on what type of situation they have to control.

2. For Protecting Property And People

Bollards are sturdy and sometimes heavy pieces of concrete or steel that the parking garages can install to protect the structure, other cars, or even people walking along the walkways. Because of this feature, vehicles that lose their way won’t be able to cause damage or injury.

Should there be any significant physical damage to a structure, it may collapse, and people may suffer a considerable loss from a parking lot accident. Being proactive and preventing these types of incidents is the responsibility of the garage developer as much as it is the driver’s, and installing bollards reduces the risks for everyone.

3. To Add A Parking Aesthetic

Parking garages aren’t usually something people pay much attention to, but they have a specific aesthetic characteristic of all these structures. People tend to be visibly attracted to items like products in a store because they recognize their form or shape. We could say the same for a parking garage.

Installing bollards will give motorists the image they want when looking for a parking space. Along with visually leading the traffic, it could beautify the parking garage if management decides to install bollards with a decorative sleeve, for example.

5 Ways Bollards Are Used In Commercial Parking Garages
5 Ways Bollards Are Used In Commercial Parking Garages

4. To Control Traffic Access At Entrances

While some parking garages, like shopping centers, offer free parking to drivers, there may be times when the management wants to control who goes in and out. Paid parking structures like those at a residential or office building would need to keep those who didn’t settle their bill out but grant access to those with a paid parking permit.

Retractable bollards at the entrances are ideal for this purpose as they are immovable and too heavy to drive through, unlike a barrier gate. It means the gateways can be secure, and parking garage attendants can manage the entries and exits better than before management installed the bollards.

While retractable bollards serve as excellent tools for managing traffic flow and enhancing security, another effective solution to consider for controlling access at entrances is the use of a security barrier gate. These gates offer an added layer of security and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a property, ensuring that only authorized vehicles gain entry, thereby complementing the role of bollards in creating a safer parking environment.

5. To Add Value

Although parking garages usually come as part and parcel of a residential, shopping, or office building, some operate independently. Whatever the setup, the property’s value will increase when there are existing bollards to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Some can add even more value when they have lighting, access control pads, or other features that make the bollards more appealing for motorists and buyers. Next to some of the latest developments in smart parking systems, bollards are still one of the best features a parking garage could have.

End Of The Line

Parking garages are a huge part of a motorist’s life, no matter where they go. Whether they go out to head to a shop or the office, they must find a suitable parking space for their vehicles. They would also expect the parking area to be safe for them and their cars; this is where bollards come in handy.

Not only will the people using the parking be more at ease, but building management and parking attendants will have better control over traffic flow and security. After all, people don’t want to struggle to find a parking spot after they just made it through the morning rush. So, install some bollards to make the end of the line a pleasurable experience for everyone.