Brazil 2014. Fiat Palio beats VW Gol and is the best-selling car. The Top 100 ranking here

best-selling car model in Brazil

Fiat Palio was the best-selling car model in Brazil in the 2014 keeping the crown to the rival VW Gol. The market posted the second loss in a row with 3.3 million units sold. Chevrolet overtook Volkswagen in 2nd place.

In December 2014 according to data released by Anfavea, the Brazilian Association of Car Manufacturers, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold in Brazil have been 353.558, up 5.2% compared with the correspondent month last year and breaking a nine month negative series.

Full Year 2014 sales in the Country have been 3.329.024, down 6.9% from 2013. For the fourth largest global market, this was the second negative year in a row and perspectives for the 2015 are not encouraging.

New Year will start with increased taxation on cars and the economic environment does not improve.

In the battle field the 2014 hit a memorable milestone as Chevrolet outpaced Volkswagen for the second place, first time in the last 30 years. The American brand sold 578.752 units, just 2.000 more than the rival.

This year Fiat won the traditional fight against Volkswagen with a widest gap in a decade. In December sales were 67.006 (+2.8%) with share weak and below the 20 percent level. In the Full Year, Fiat sold 698.179 units (-8.5%).

Volkswagen in December sold 61.104 vehicles (-0.4%) and in the full year 576.596 (-13.5%).

Ford in fourth ended the year with a positive December (35.993 sales, +14.3%), but the year was down 8.0% from 2013.

Behind Renault ended the year flat while Hyundai and Toyota hit a double digit annual increase.

Remarkable December performances have been scored by the Chinese Lifan (18th with 911 sales, +112.9%) and Audi (16th with 1.269 units, +124.2%) while Peugeot (-33.3%) and Citroen (-38.2%) kept the falling momentum.

As far as the Car Groups performance and ranking, the leader was F.C.A. with 19.4% of market share, ahead of Volkswagen Group with 17.7% and General Motors with 16.5%.

Best-selling models performance and ranking, Volkswagen Gol was back on the top of December list with 24.150 sales (-2.7%) but too late to conquest the annual leadership. This year the best-selling model was the Fiat Palio (second in December) with 194.591 units.

The third in December was Hyundai HB20 (all body styles) finally reached the first place with 20.282 sales.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models


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