2014. 50 Best Selling European Car Brands Ranking.

Best Selling European Car Brands

2014 50 Best Selling European Car Brands Ranking. Volkswagen, Renault and Ford again on the podium, but Mercedes leads the group of emerging brands that include Nissan, Dacia, Seat, Jeep and Lexus.

In December 2014, according to data released by all Car Manufacturers local Associations and by ACEA, the total Light Passengers Vehicle (cars + light commercial vehicles) sold in Europe (44 countries) have been 1.5 million, up a robust 4.2% from the correspondent month last year.

Full Year 2014 sales in Europe have been 18.0 million, up 1.5% from 2013.

Last month of the year has pointed out the strong momentum of Mercedes, Nissan, BMW, Seat, Mazda, Jeep Porsche and Lexus all brands with double digit growth in the month and in the year.

On top of the ranking the performance was almost stable with Volkswagen up 4.3% with 175.499 sales and a final count for 2014 of 2.056 million vehicles.

Renault was up 6.6% at 134.819 units with full year sales at 1.375.000, up 4.1%.

Ford in third sold 108.068 cars (+0.2%) ending the year at 1.283.000 (+0.3%).

Unchanged the 4th and 5th place (Opel and Peugeot) while in 6th landed Mercedes, up 2 spots from 2013, with a monthly +18.1% and a full year record volume of 839.000 sales (+6.5%).

Focusing on the annual performance, the 2014 European Winners had been Nissan (12th with 705.000 sales, +10.4%), Dacia (16th with 418.000 units, +20.9%), Seat (18th with 343.000, +12.8%), Volvo (20th with 276.000, +10.0%), Mitsubishi (21st with 202.000, +10.2%), Mazda (22nd with 228.900, +17.2%), Jeep (34th with 52.000, +64.9%), Porsche (30th  with 60.000, +21.1%), Lexus (35th with 51.400, +24.6%) and Maserati (50th with 5.798 units, +260%).

To see details by Markets and models you can refer to our reports on these subjects.

Data on the 44 European countries are sourced by focus2move.com Mobility Database, aggregating data from all National Carmaker Associations or Dealers Associations, including, for the European Community, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Data combined the 28 countries of European Community plus the 3 E.F.T.A. (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) plus East and South European countries like Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, and Albania. We also include little countries like Monaco and Liechtenstein, despite for these countries data are preliminary and subject at a late update.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see statistics regarding Brands and Groups. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

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