Bolivia 2016. New vehicles record thanks to emission restrictions


Bolivian vehicles sales in the 2016 hit again the record thanks to the restrictions to imported vehicles emission which have heavily reduced the used vehicles import in the country. Toyota reported a huge sales fall and ranks third.

Bolivian economy likely held up well last year despite economic downturns in key trading partners and low prices for gas—Bolivia’s main commodity export. Strong government spending and robust credit growth kept the economy afloat in 2016 and partly offset the effects of a major drought on agricultural output and temporary supply shocks in gas production.

The introduction of progressive restrictions to the imported vehicles emission, has created growing barriers to the traditional import of used vehicles creating ground for the development of sales for new vehicles, with stable distribution network established in the country by near 180 carmakers (near 100 importing from China).

This policy has supported the automotive sector growth that in the 20116 has hit the 12th all time record sales in a row, according to data released by the Bolivian Camara Automotor.

Indeed total vehicles sales had been 41.431, up 1.9% form the revised 2015 figure of 40.635 units.

Despite the presence of so many brands, the market is almost concentrated with Suzuki leader with 10.457 sales (-2.6%) followed by Nissan with 4.416 (+18.7%) and Toyota with 3.412 (-33.6%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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