Brazil best selling cars 2016. Chevrolet Onix is the star


Brazil best selling cars 2016 led by the Chevrolet Onix, new best-selling model in the entire Lat America region, with sales up 21%. The Honda HRV joined the top 10.

Hit by a severe economic crisis and struggling under the effect of the arrogant Automotive National Plan introduced just at the end of a golden age, a couple of years ago, the domestic vehicle market in Brazil is dropping month after month, ending the 2016 in World’s 9th ranking, down 5 spots from the 4th achieved in the 2013, having lost over 1.6 million of annual sales.

In this crude and harsh scenario, the best selling model ranking is changing, reflecting the lost of power of the two traditional leaders, Volkswagen and Fiat and the advance of new players, mainly from Asia, with their global product portfolio.

However, a brand traditionally of top of the market, but always behind the leaders, has recently taken the top thanks to the success of a compact model, now market leader. We talk about Chevrolet and its Chevrolet Onix, reported as best selling car not always on Brazil but in the entire Latin America.

In the 2016 this model was chosen by 153.372 customers (+21.8%).

In second place the great success of Hyundai, the Hb20 with 121.616 sales  (+10.2%) followed by the Ford Ka with 101.278 (-18.5%).

In fourth place the Chevrolet Prisma, up 6 spots with 66.337 units (-5.7%) followed by the Toyota Corolla, jumped up 6 places with 64.738 units (-3.9%), the Fiat Palio with 63.996 (-47.7%) and the Renault Sandero with 63.228 sales (-19.1%).

In eight place the Volkswagen Gol with 60.044 units (-27.4%) ahead of the Fiat Strada, the best commercial vehicle, with 59.443 units (-43.0%) and in 10th place the Honda HR-V with 55.758 (+9.0%), up 6 spots.

Several new models are keeping space in this market, like the Fiat Toro, already 14th with 41.283 sales and the Fiat Mobi, 21st with 28.731 sales.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 100 Models

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