Algeria 2014. Market down a deep 20%

Car Market in Algeria

In the 2014, the Car Market in Algeria fell 20% following the record hit in the previous year. However the country stands as second in Africa and keeps strong growing potential.

According to data released by focus2move Research Team and collected through local sources and manufacturers, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold in Algeria in the fourth quarter of the 2014 have been 82.603 representing a loss of 24.8% decrease from the correspondent month last year.

The year had started very slow but the third quarter had reported a fall lower than 6% creating expectations for a potential recovery in the last. Now local operators are looking at the 2015 with the hope for a recovery.

Full Year sales had been 340.821, down 19.5% from the 2013, when the market hit the all-time record volume at 423.000 units, after a very fast growth.

The 2014 represents the third highest level ever achieved by the market that stands as the second in Africa, behind South Africa and ahead of Egypt.

The market leader in the 2014 was again Renault with 51.204 sales (-32.7%) ahead of Peugeot with 42.861 (-42.4%) and Hyundai with 37.722 (+11.2%).

Hyundai with Kia (6th with 23.901 sales, +2.0%) and Suzuki (10th with 20.203 sales, +14.3%) had been the only winners in the Top 20 brands

As far as the car group’s performance and ranking, the leader was Renault-Nissan with 26.8% of market share, ahead of Hyundai Group with 18.1% and P.S.A with 16.3%.

As far as best-selling models ranking, the  Hyundai Accent was on top outpacing for the first time all the French rivals, with 22.031 deliveries (+41.7%) followed by Dacia Logan with 18.971 (-31.1%) units and Renault Symbol  with 16.627 (-19.2%).

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