Mauritius 2017. Kia & Hyundai have taken market control

Mauritius Cars salesĀ in the 2017 declined 6% from the record level hit in the previous year. Koreans Kia and Hyundai boomed volume landing in the top two positions taking market control ahead of former leaders, Toyota and Nissan.

Mauritius 2016. New all time record

Mauritius Vehicles Market in 2016 hit the best performance ever, showing a stunning sales recovery during the second semester. Mitsubishi shined.

Mauritius car sales down 7% in 2015

Mauritius Car sales down 7% in 2015 following the previous year record. Nissan have reduced the gap to the leader Toyota while Koreans follow with a huge gap. BMW led the premium segment.

Mauritius Vehicle Market

Mauritius Vehicle Market hit new record in 2014.

Mauritius Vehicle Market hit new record in 2014 pushed by booming economy and stable government. The Indian ocean paradise overtook South Africa as most advanced economy in the continent.