Peru 2017. Auto sales up fueled by economic expansion

Peruvian Auto Industry in the 2017 find stability breaking the multi-year fall, with sales up 6.4%. Despite effects of devastating floods (in March) and political scandals the economic activity continued to expand. Toyota is the leader followed by Hyundai and Kia.

Kenyan Auto Market 2016

Peru 2016. Market down a little albeit recession and scandals

Peru Auto Market 2016 has lost moderately and for the third year in a string. The performance is considered almost positive at the light of country recession and political difficulties. Toyota lead ahead of Hyundai and Kia.

Peru 2015. Vehicles Sales fell 5% albeit GDP acceleration

Peru Vehicles Sales in 2015 fell 5% albeit the acceleration in GDP growth. The market has been one of the fastest growing in South America in the last decade. Toyota is market leader with the Yaris sedan as best-selling model.

car market in Peru

Peru light vehicles sales fell 7% in the 2014

Peru light vehicles sales fell 7% in the 2014 hit by slower economy and following years of records. Three brands held the half of the market and no one of them is American.

Peru car market hits all-time record in 2013. Toyota N° 1.

Peru car market hit All-time record in 2013 scoring the fourth annual volume record in a row, despite sales speed decelerated in the second half and 2014 outlook is less favorable than in the past. See all market statistics.