Malaysia 2017. Honda & BMW shine in a shy market

Malaysia auto sales in 2017 moderately declined, for the second consecutive year, with domestic brands still losing terrain and Japanese gaining. Perodua still market leader while the stars of the year had been Honda and BMW.

Malaysia best selling cars

Malaysia best selling cars 2016. Perodua monopolizes the podium

Malaysia best selling cars 2016 ranking confirms the previous year leader with a podium totally owned by the local brand Perodua. The best new entrance was the Perodua Bezza in sixth place.

Malaysia 2016. Auto sales down in double-digit

Malaysian Auto Sales 2016 fell down in double-digit hit by economic slowdown. However the two brands on top of the list, Perodua and Honda have lost marginally gaining market share.

Malaysia best selling car. The top in 2015

Malaysia best selling car ranking in the full year 2015 with the recently introduced Perodua Axia new leader almost doubling the second in the year of all time record for the industry.

Poland Best Selling Cars 2015

Malaysia Car Market in 2015 hit new all time record, only 209 sales up.

Malaysia Car Market in 2015 hit new all time record, only 209 units more than in the previous year, thanks to the recovery scored in the fourth quarter, Mercedes shine with over 50% improvement.

Malaysian Vehicles Sales

Malaysia 2014. Vehicles sales hit the new all-time record

In 2014 Malaysian Vehicles Sales at new all-time record, the third in a row hit thanks to strong GDP trend and aggressive commercial strategy pursued by Toyota and Honda.