Malaysia 2014. Vehicles sales hit the new all-time record

Malaysian Vehicles Sales

In 2014 Malaysian Vehicles Sales at new all-time record, the third in a row hit thanks to strong GDP trend and aggressive commercial strategy pursued by Toyota and Honda.

In December 2014 according to data released by M.A.A., the Malaysian Automotive Association, the new Light Passengers Vehicles sold in Malaysia have been 66.695, up 10.3% compared with the correspondent month last year.

Full Year 2014 sales in Malaysia have been 666.475, up 1.8% from 2013 (please consider that in this number is included the heavy truck segment, while in sales data reported in our interactive tables they are not).

The last was the third all-time record in a row, albeit the final year performance was lower than expected due to a declining commercial vehicles segment.

The second half was influenced by rumors about the potential price reductions effective from next fiscal year (April 2015) as consequence of the new Good & Services Tax (GST). In addition, bank loans for car vehicles had been restricted in recent month hitting potential sales.

However the market was pushed up by a strong GDP and growing consumer’s sentiment attracted towards the industry by several new models introduced in the market.

In the market field, the year has reported a further gain of share for Japanese makers against the local brands Perodua and Proton, with Toyota gaining the second place in the last quarter of the year and Honda very aggressive in fourth.

Perodua ended the year with 195.579 sales (-0.3%) with share at 29.3%. It held still a dominant position reinforced by the introduction of a new Alza.

Proton struggles with 115.783 sales (–16.6%) and 17.4% of market share and risks to definitely losing the second place in the 2015.

Toyota was third with record sales, first time above 100.000 units, gaining 11.9% from the previous year.

Honda in fourth was the fastest growing brand with record sales at 77.495, + 50.3%.

As far as the car group’s performance and ranking, the leader was Perodua with 29.3% of market share, ahead of Proton with 17.4% and Toyota with 16.7%.

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