Philippines car market

Philippines 2020. Hyundai free-falls (-50.7%) in a market heavily affected by COVID-19 (-40.6%)

Philippines vehicles market in 2020 falls by 40.6% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 248.804. Hyundai loses half its sales (-50.7%) but remains in 4th position, while Isuzu (-19.5%) reports top 10 hold.

Philippines Vehicles Market

Philippines. In the 2019 new vehicles sales up 3%

Philippines Vehicles Market in the 2019 recovered following the previous year double-digit lost caused by the introduction of a new taxation system, which penalized car passengers towards pickups and vans. Indeed total vehicles sales have been 418.352, up 3.3%. Hitting the best year ever, Nissan just outpaced Hyundai for the third place, with full year 2019 share at the record of 10.2%.

Philippines 2018. Nissan shines in a market down 11.8%

Philippines Vehicles Market fell down 11.8% in 2018 with registrations at 413.216, interrupting the great trend of previous years, largely affected by the "TRAIN" tax introduction. Toyota led the market - down 12.8% - while Nissan gained the 4th place.

Philippines Vehicles Market 2017

Philippines 2017. Vehicles market hit the 5th record in a row

Philippines Vehicles Market in the 2017 hit the fifth all time record in a row, just before the Tax Reform, which has introduced higher duties on vehicles and fuel. The market grew near 500.000 units with Toyota leader ahead of Mitsubishi and Hyundai.


Philippines 2016. Market up 27% hitting new record

Philippines Auto Sales 2016 hit the fifth All Time Record in a series, joining the Top 30 World's market for the very first time. Toyota led again the market while Hyundai outpaced Ford for the third place.

Philippines Vehicles Market

Philippines 2015. Auto industry celebrates a new all time record

Philippines Vehicles Market in 2015 celebrates the 7th all time record in a row with sales above the 300.000 for the first time and a volume improved over 300% in the last 7 years. Toyota dominates.