Philippines. In the 2019 new vehicles sales up 3%

Philippines Vehicles Market

Philippines Vehicles Market in the 2019 recovered following the previous year double-digit lost caused by the introduction of a new taxation system, which penalized car passengers towards pickups and vans. Total vehicles sales have been 418.352, up 3.3%. Hitting the best year ever, Nissan just outpaced Hyundai in third place.

Philippines vehicles market in the last decade boomed resulting one of the top 3 fastest growing markets in the World. Recently, total vehicles sales grew up from 170.827 in the 2012 to a record of 483.734 in the 2017. Then the winds changed.

In the 2018, following years or records, the introduction of a new tax (called “TRAIN”) pushed up the price for all vehicles (and fuel), but pickups and van, hitting the market and altering the competitive landscape.

Indeed, after thirteen consecutive years of growth, sales fell down 11.8%, ending with registrations at 413.216.

In the 2019 the industry has progressively digested the effect of TRAIN and total vehicles sales have been 418.352, up 3.3%.

Toyota dominates the market despite the current share at 38.6% is below the record hit in the 2014 (40.8%), while over 5 points more than in the 2010.

In second place Mitsubishi is steady losing terrain with current share at 15.53, down 3.7 points from the 2010, while 1.1 points better than the negative peak hit in the 2016 at 14.1%. Hitting the best year ever, Nissan just outpaced Hyundai for the third place, with full year 2019 share at the record of 10.2%.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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