Singapore car market

Singapore 2020. Car market down 35.6%, while Toyota becomes new market leader

Singapore vehicles market in 2020 falls by 35.6% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 44.455. Toyota becomes the new leader, followed by Mercedes, while Honda falls in third place.

Singapore Car market

Singapore. Honda holding 21.1% of a market down 7.3% in 2019

Singapore Car market in 2019 kept losing terrain, signing the third consecutive annual loss. Indeed, Total sales have been 93.897, down 7.3% from the previous year. Honda led with 21.1% of share, while Mazda and Nissan registered awful performances./p>

Singapore Car market

Singapore 2018. Hyundai shines in a negative environment

Singapore Car market in 2018 fell down 12.7% after three years of gain in a row, ending with 80.268 units sold. Honda is the market leader, ahead of Toyota and Mercedes. Hyundai (+72%) is the winner of the year, gaining the 4th place.

Singapore 2017. Kia shining in a flat market

Singapore Autos market in the 2017 was stable at the high level hit in the previous year, with near 110.000 vehicles sold, almost three-time more than in the 2013. Toyota overtook Honda on top of car passenger's ranking, but just for peanuts.

Singapore 2016 sales at best since 2005

Singapore Cars Sales in November grew less intensely, pushing down the sales volume year to date under 50%. Honda ranked 2nd with over 13.000 units.

Singapore Vehicles Market in 2015 boomed at best since 2008 thanks to lower CEE...

Singapore Vehicles Market in 2015 boomed at best since 2008 thanks to lower CEE price. The car passenger's sold were near double than in the previous year albeit the market has the highest car price worldwide.

Singapore Car Market Insights


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