The 2023 Bentley Continental GTC S

Worlds Largest Car Markets 2022. Global Sales Fall 3.6% With India Rising 23.1%

Worlds Largest Car Markets in 2022. Global Markets register a drop of 3.9%, with India rising the most 23.1%.

Electric Vehicles

World Electric Vehicles Sales hit a record of 1 million in 2017

Electric Vehicles Sales all around the World will end the current year over 1.1 million sales, the 1.2% of the total accelerating thanks to improved mileage covered by most recent models and incentive introduction in more countries. 

World Best Selling Pick up 2016. The top 50

World Best Selling Pick Up 2016 dominated by the Ford F-Series, at new record very close to 1 million sales. Toyota Hilux out of the podium penalized by MENA and Africa.

USA Cars sales in November

World Best Selling City Cars 2016. The top 50

World Best Selling City Cars during the 2016 led by Maruti Alto and Chevrolet Spark as in the previous year. However, the Italian Fiat gained the podium with the Panda, fast growing despite the age.

The 2021 Lamborghini Huracan STO

World largest Car Markets 2021. Germany And South Korea Lag Behind, While India Shines

World Largest Car Markets in 2021 reports a global rise of 4.1% trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, with the leader China rising only 0.5%. India reports the quickest growth, while Germany and South Korea lag behind.

Best selling brands in the World

Top Selling Auto Brand 2020. Tesla (+40.4%) surpasses half million sales milestone

World Cars Brand Ranking in 2020 sees the leader Toyota widening the gap from Volkswagen, and holds 8.5% of market share. Tesla reports the best performance in the top 50 brands worldwide.

World Car Group Ranking

World’s 2018. Volkswagen Group on top of light vehicles, over Nissan/Renault & Toyota

World Light Vehicles sales in 2018 have lost 1.1% from the previous year with 88.9 million units, due to the introduction of WLTP rules in Europe and Chinese market Q4 deep fall. For the fourth year in a row, Volkswagen Group is the market leader, while Renault-Nissan Alliance maintained the second place.

World Best Selling Mid-Size Cars Top 25 Ranking In 2023

World Best Selling Mid-Size Cars Ranking with an undisputed leader. In 2023 the Toyota Camry was the best selling mid-size car for the 20th year in a row. Global sales reached 628.816 units (-6.2%), the 8.1% of segment share.

World Best Selling City Cars

World Best Selling City Cars. The Top 25 in 2019

World Best Selling City Cars in 2019 have seen the Indian Maruti Alto leading ahead of the Italian Fiat Panda - up 2 spots - and the Ford KA. The Daihatsu Tanto jumped in 5th position, up in double-digits, while the Nissan Dayz gained the 8th spot.

World Best Selling Coupe

World Best Selling Coupe. The top in the 2018

World Best Selling Coupe in the 2018 has been again the Ford Mustang with a wide gap over two Dodge models, the Charger and the Challenger. The segment contracted 4.6% confirming the last years' trend. FCA group is the leader among manufacturers.