World Car Markets Top 50 Ranking By Country 2023


World Ranking By Country in 2023. The Light vehicles market increased globally by 7.1% with all the top 15 countries increasing from the previous year. Here the Top 50 Ranking

Looking at the ranking of Largest car markets in the world the most impressive data is that the top 15 countries, which represent 82.3% of the total, all improved in 2023, with 12 out of them, in double-digit.

The Global sales (the total of the 160 countries we track, were 84.8 million, a 7.3% increase from the previous year.

China remains the leading global market with 25.1 million sales, increasing by 1.2%. This huge market accounts for 30.2% of all global sales.

USA, in second position, with  15.4 million sales is very far from its all time record, which is over 4 million higher than current level.

In third position there was  Japan with 4.5 million (+13.3%) followed by India with 4.4 million of light vehicles sold (+8.6%).

In fifth place the largest European country, Germany with 2.8 million (+7.1%), followed by largest country in Latin America, Brazil , with 2.1 million sales (+10.3%).

France follows closely with 2.1 million sales (+14.2%), in front of UK with 1.9 million  (+17.2%).

In 9th place South Korea with 1.7 million and in 10th place Italy, with 1.7 million (+18.1%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 50 markets.

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