Lebenese car market

Lebanon 2019. Vehicles market fell in double-digits for the 2nd year in a row

Lebanese Cars Market in 2019 registered the second consecutive double-digit drop, falling at the lowest volume of the entire decade. Indeed, Full-year sales in 2019 were 31.997 (-17.6%). Toyota reached 33.7% of share, while Lexus landed in 8th place.

Lebanon 2018. Nissan shines in a market down 18%

Lebanese Cars Market fell down 18% in the 2018 after the sharp increase of the previous year, closing with registrations at 39.074. Toyota was again the market leader, while Nissan - up 36.8% - gained the second position, ahead of Kia.

Lebanon 2017. LCVs fuel market growth

Lebanon Cars Market in 2017 was almost positive fueled by strong demand on light commercial vehicles, albeit the country is again inside a full of risks politic crisis, after Prime Minister Hariri resignation. The market is dominated by Koreans.

Lebanon Full Year 2016. Moderately down.

Lebanon Vehicles Sales 2016 slipped moderately from the record level scored in the previous year. Kia led again ahead of Hyundai and Toyota with the Kia Picanto as best-selling car.

Vietnam Vehicles Market in 2015

Lebanon 2015. Auto market fell 25%, but Toyota shines

Lebanon vehicles market in 2015 fell 25% following the incredible performance scored in the previous year. The market is mirroring the country difficulties, two years without a President, and weak internal consumption.

Lebanon Cars Market

Lebanon 2014. Cars Market hit the new All-time record

In 2014 Lebanon Cars Market hit the all-time record, first time above 40.000 units fueled by a strong Toyota attack to the Hyundai-Kia leadership. Kia Picanto was market leader ahead of Nissan Sunny.