Syrian Vehicles Market 

Syria. In 2019 the market lost 15.8%

Syrian Vehicles Market in 2019 lost terrain again and Total sales in 2019 have been are 8.347, down 15.8%. The market have lost over 90% of volume in the last 10 years and the poor economic conditions added to the lack ness of paved road infrastructures represent a huge limit to the next year recovery.

Syrian Vehicles Market 

Syria 2018. The slow recovery has just started

Syrian Vehicles Market in the 2018 rebounded after the positive evolution of the internal war with terrorists. Vehicles sales has grown 24.3% at 9.918 units, fully benefit by the Korean brands, Kia and Hyundai, the only still operating in the country.

Syrian Auto Sales

Syria 2017. Auto market down 90% since 2011

Syrian Auto Sales kept falling in the 2017 with the majority of car manufacturers having given up in the vehicles distributions leaving the market at the Koreans, basically the only still active in the market. Actual market is 90% down from 2011.

Syria Vehicles Market 2016

Syria 2016. Koreans are the only car makers surviving

Syria Vehicles Market 2016 kept falling down losing an additional 44 percent and landing at a volume lower than one tenth compared with the 2010. In the harsh environment, just Koreans manufacturers survive.

Syrian Vehicle Market

Syria 2014. Vehicle Market dropped 47%

Syrian Vehicle Market dropped to 22.000 units in the 2014 losing over three-quarter respect the golden age just few years ago. It is dominated by Koreans that kept over 86% of market share. Hyundai Elantra is the best-selling model.