Yemen car market

Yemen 2020. Leader Toyota holds 96.8% share in a market down 37.8%

Yemen auto market in 2020 falls by 37.8% as the pandemic, social and political instabilities affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 5.276, Toyota reaches 96.8% market share, gaining 2.2% market share this year.

Yemen Cars Market

Yemen 2019. Auto sales boomed 63.1%

Yemen Cars Market in 2019 kept improving with an outstanding pace. Indeed, the Full-year ended with registrations at 8.532, booming 63.1%. Toyota dominated with 95% of market share, up 68.4% from the previous year.

Yemen Cars Market

Yemen 2018. Toyota holds 91.6% share in a market up 37.8%

Yemen Cars Market in the 2018 has improved 37.8%, signing the second year of growth in a row, ending with registrations at 5.231. Toyota has dominated the market with 91.6% of market share, closing with 4.794 units sold.

Yemen 2017. Toyota at 78% market share

Yemeni Cars Market recovered in the 2017, when Toyota has registered a bulk of vehicles, with the effect to end the year up 30.2% from the previous year. However the civil war has continued to intensify after reaching the 1000-day mark.

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Yemen 2016. Market at lowest since 2011

Yemen Vehicles Market in 2016 fell heavily at the 2011 level, dragged down by critical economic and social situation. Toyota monopolized the model ranking, while Jeep quadrupled sales.

Yemen 2015. Market up fueled by demand for war-vehicles

Yemen Vehicles Market in 2015 up fueled by demand for war vehicles. Unfortunately, data suggest that the industry is based on the demand of pick ups utilized by military and terrorism to fight the civil war in place.

Yemen Light Vehicle Market

Yemen 2014. Vehicles market collapsed

Yemen Light Vehicle Market collapsed in the 2014 hit by devastating civil war with several dealership closed. Current situation is not improving and the 2015 market is foreseen heavily down. Toyota led in spite of sales fallen over 60%.