China 2016. Auto market established the new all time record


Chinese Auto Sales 2016 near 28 million units scoring the New All Time record, the 22nd in a row. China now represent over the 30% of global sales. Volkswagen sold over double than the second.

Market Outlook

Despite the implementation of measures to tighten the property market and less decisive policy support, the economy managed to expand at the fastest pace in one year in Q4. Robust dynamics in retail sales and manufacturing activities were behind the acceleration.

While the government will try to cushion any sharp slowdown, growth will moderate this year on the back of a cooling property market and rising global economic uncertainties. FocusEconomics panelists forecast that the economy will grow 6.4% in 2017.

As far as concern the automotive industry, the 2016 was spectacular with sales volume boosted by local demand further enhanced by government incentives to low displacement engines (below 1.600 cc) officially ending on December 21st, with a second half acceleration above any expectations.

More, in December for the very first time ever, sales volume exceeded the 3 million units. More sales in 1 month than a year in the sixth market in the World (UK).

According to the data released by the C.A.A.M., (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers), the total light vehicles sales (including both local produced and imported vehicles) in November had been 3.022.000, up +6.3%.

The year ended with sales at 27.97 million, up 12.0% from the 2015, scoring the 22nd all time record in a row. 2016 volume was the double than in the 2009.

Including all sales data (both local production and import data) focus2move Research Team has just released two new researches on this market. We read there as the Chinese industry outpaced the 30% of the World. The number of vehicles per 1000 inhabitants is now at 111, doubled in 5 years, still one seventh than in Europe.

Competitive Arena

Volkswagen sold over 3 million vehicles (+10.5%) over the double than the second, the Chinese ChangAn (1.4 million, +7.6%) and the third, Wuling, with 1.39 million.

Top performer of the year had been Honda (+23.4%), Mercedes (+26.8%), Geely (+41.1%) and Bajoun (+52.1%).

In the tables below, the top brands, manufacturers and models. Searching for the top 100 models ranking you can refer to the report dedicated.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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