Europe. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Europe best selling

Europe best selling cars ranking in 2019 within 44 markets in the continent, from Portugal to Russia. The Volkswagen Golf was on top, despite losing terrain, but still holding a large gap over the Polo. The Dacia Duster managed to enter the Top 10, up 6 spots from last year.

Economic Environment

Eurozone economy kept pace in the third quarter, although growth was modest. The expansion was underpinned by healthy consumer spending, but restrained by cooling investment activity and an unsupportive external backdrop. Data suggests subdued momentum carried over into the final quarter of 2019. A sharper drop in industrial production in October, weak PMI readings in November-December and downbeat business sentiment in the first two months of Q4 point to protracted weakness, while feebler retail sales and consumer confidence indicate softening consumer spending.

Momentum is set to remain feeble next year. Soft global growth and an uncertain external backdrop will dent exports and investment activity; smaller job gains, due to rigid labor markets in key countries, will restrain consumer spending; while political uncertainty in Italy and Spain, coupled with Brexit negotiations and a possible resurgence in global trade tensions, cloud the outlook.

Best Selling Cars

As far as the best selling cars ranking within the entire continents (44 markets from Portugal to those in the East, like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova) is currently dominated – for the 44th year in a string – by the Volkswagen Golf.

The ranking in 2019 reported the current decade’s undisputed leader, the Volkswagen Golf, still dominating – despite losing terrain – with 458.594 units sold.

In second place the Volkswagen Polo with 330.921 units sold (-12.8%). With more than 14 million units sold, it is one of the world’s most successful compact cars ever and actually the best seller. The sixth generation was launched in late 2017, with new exterior design, noticeably more spacious interior that has also been redesigned down to the last detail, new cockpit layout structured for the digital world, efficient TSI (petrol), TGI (natural gas) and TDI (diesel) engines as well as an array of assistance systems which previously was only familiar in larger Volkswagen cars.

The Renault Clio kept the third position with 302.993 units sold (-17.4%). Launched in the 1990, actually is in the fourth generation, launched in 2012.

The Volkswagen Tiguan held the fourth position with 297.224 sales (+0.8%) followed by the Skoda Octavia, which gained 2 positions despite reporting a flat trend, and the Nissan Qashqai.

Impressive performance scored by the Dacia Duster – up 6 spots from last year – surging to 19.7% and managing to enter the Top 10.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales 20192019 VarDecember SalesDecember var
11Volkswagen Golf458.595-9,0%31.436-0,9%
22Volkswagen Polo330.922-12,8%24.200-18,7%
33Renault Clio302.994-17,4%20.995-31,2%
44Volkswagen Tiguan297.2240,8%24.11417,2%
57Skoda Octavia268.9540,5%21.56616,4%
65Nissan Qashqai260.428-6,2%25.38233,6%
710Ford Focus243.8258,0%17.7651,8%
811Dacia Sandero233.4604,5%20.06113,7%
96Ford Fiesta233.019-15,5%14.185-15,7%
1016Dacia Duster231.90619,7%22.84550,0%
119Citroen C3230.907-0,4%15.053-8,0%
128Peugeot 208230.843-2,5%18.18413,3%
1312Opel Corsa227.3902,3%8.716-39,1%
1413Renault Captur223.3671,3%18.55715,3%
1514Toyota Yaris213.420-2,2%15.1624,7%
1615Peugeot 3008210.066-2,2%18.92529,1%
1733volkswagen T-Roc200.58345,0%13.44328,0%
1829Mercedes A Class197.59926,1%16.699-1,6%
1924Fiat Panda186.7638,9%14.7549,6%
2018Ford Kuga178.226-3,1%24.797119,9%
2122Hyundai Tucson172.703-0,4%15.72626,8%
2219Skoda Fabia166.831-7,0%10.360-6,1%
2326Mercedes C Class166.0171,0%10.734-15,0%
2420Peugeot 2008165.604-7,0%11.553-2,2%
2525Fiat 500160.699-4,8%11.10612,4%
2623Renault Mégane158.601-8,5%14.2588,2%
2727Kia Sportage156.751-4,0%13.75619,4%
2817Volkswagen Passat149.096-20,7%16.93024,8%
2921Opel Astra148.098-16,5%8.151-27,4%
3028Peugeot 308144.710-7,9%9.757-4,6%
31131Toyota Corolla144.446213,5%13.185203,0%
3231Seat Leon141.227-4,8%10.28418,4%
3350Lada Granta139.06828,3%14.79543,9%
3430Kia Rio135.706-10,3%10.148-10,3%
3532Audi A3129.022-12,0%8.706-18,2%
3653Toyota RAV4125.88320,6%11.45750,3%
3746BMW 3 Series125.87713,5%12.21553,3%
3834Toyota C-HR125.368-8,0%8.438-9,9%
4043Ford Ecosport122.0755,3%8.4415,6%
4145Lada Vesta120.1754,7%11.63110,9%
4236Mercedes E Class117.311-9,6%9.4856,5%
4340BMW X1117.239-0,4%11.5539,9%
4442Volkswagen Caddy113.530-2,7%8.311-7,2%
4573Skoda Kodiaq112.64237,9%12.82468,8%
4663Kia Cee’d112.41621,2%8.28845,8%
4749Renault Kadjar111.3962,5%11.15345,7%
4838BMW 1 Series110.626-12,1%12.3624,5%
4961Opel Crossland X110.49617,8%8.80430,7%
5037Mercedes GLC109.582-15,2%9.0910,9%