Europe 2023. Tesla Model Y Reports Best Performance In The Top 10 (+122.9%)

The 2021 Tesla Model Y
The 2021 Tesla Model Y

Europe’s Best Selling Cars ranking up to November 2023, shows the Tesla Model Y as new segment leader rising 22 spots from the prior year (+122.9%). The Renault Clio surges a 41.3% into the podium.

The following report shows the top 50 best selling models ranking in the European Market (including 43 countries from Portugal to Russia).

Considering data up to November 2023, the Tesla Model Y becomes the best selling car in Europe, reporting 238,907 cumulative sales and jumping 22 spots from the previous year (+122.9%).

The Renault Clio follows closely in second with 231,170 new registrations (+41.3%) trying to close the gap, in front of the Dacia Sandero -down 1 spot- at 221,985 sales (+20.0%) and the Volkswagen T-Roc with 208,874 sales (+22.3%).

In 5th place ranks the Opel Corsa -up 3 spots- with 195,786 sales (+23.4%), followed by the Dacia Duster  at 174,525 (+7.8%), the Lada Granta -up 30 spots- at 172,584 (+112.3%) and the Volkswagen Golf -down 5 spots- with 172,329 registrations (-1.2%).

The Volkswagen Tiguan rises 4 spots into 9th with 169,388 cumulative sales (+21.9%) and the Citroen C3 closes the Top 10 with 160,847 new registrations (+6.4%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 50 Models this year.

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