How to Choose the Best ECU Remapping Kit for Your Vehicle


ECU remapping is a great way to boost the amount of power your car can produce. That might catch your attention! Yes, if you decide to remap your vehicle you can get many benefits (though they don’t come without some risk.) What is ECU remapping, and how do you find the best ECU remapping kit for your vehicle?

Let’s explore!

What is an ECU?

An ECU is the “Engine Control Unit” and it’s a computer that controls the engine’s operations and constantly analyses all the aspects of engine operation. And there’s one in every modern car.

What is ECU Remapping?

So, if the ECU is in control of your engine and analyses the working of your car, what is ECU remapping? When you do ECU remapping, you’re changing the engine’s operations parameters, which influences how the vehicle will function.

But Why Would You Do it?

Manufacturers will program the ECU to fit certain standards. These parameters are crafted to fit emissions regulations or other specs that customers expect from the cars.

By going through the ECU remapping process, you can make your engine work in a way that best fits your needs. Often, this means boosting torque and power or increasing fuel efficiency, but not both. Even just removing unnecessary restrictions a company puts on your engine can help improve performance without other adjustments.

Picking the Right ECU Remapping Kit

Getting a professional ECU remapping job will likely be the next part of this process. However, this can be expensive. Pick an option that’s between DIY and professional services by getting a PPD ECU remapping kit.

First. Find an ECU remapping kit for your model of car.

Second. Use our technology by connecting your remapper to the diagnostic socket in your car and following the instruction on-screen.

Third. Email us the standard use file as PPD Performance. We’ll use this data and our remapping system to send you an optimized code that you can insert in your vehicle without a chip upgrade.

Fourth. Use this new file and upload it into your car by plugging it back into the diagnostic socket and following the instructions once more.

It’s Not Just About Power, but Also the Environment

When you’re picking an ECU remapping kit, you have a particular set of performance issues you want to address. However, have you considered how climate also affects how your car is operating? In Australia, this is particularly important because the harsh hot climate could be lowering the effectiveness of your car.

When picking an ECU remapping kit, consider if it’s the best fit for your environment, like the remapping kits at PPD Performance do.