Iran 2014. Post sanctions unleashed market growth

Iran Car Market

Iran Car Market jumped 32% up in 2014 and the party is not over as the market can recover the level of few years ago and gain over half a million sales in the next five years. Peugeot market leader ahead of Saipa.

In 2014 according to data collected by focus2move in the country including production information released by IVMA , the Iranian Automotive Industry Association, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 892.842, an amazing 32.8% increase compared with the previous year.

All started the day after the opening of political negotiation started in November 2013 (and still very far from a consolidated result) that could be read as the USA decision to suspend economic sanctions to Iran, in the hope of positive negotiation.

That day, all car-makers started looking at the largest middle east country where the automotive industry was based on European technology and left the local makers and Chinese new entrants under the sanctions period.

In less than a year the market was revitalized with sales and production boomed up.

The domestic market record had been hit in the 2009 at over 1.3 million units, before falling down at 562.000 in the 2012.

Peugeot was very fast on reactivating the local plants and thanks to a phenomenal performance soared on top of the market with over 318.000 sales in the year, outpacing the local makers, Saipa (2nd with 302.346 sales, +27.2%) and Iran Khodro (3rd with 120.289 sales, +5.3%).

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