Israel best selling cars 2017. Hyundai Ioniq debuts in 6th place

Israel best selling cars

Israel best selling cars 2017 with the new Hyundai Ioniq up in 6th place, best place ever worldwide, thanks to the new green policy recently adopted by the country. Kia Picanto has taken the leadership ahead of the former leader, the Kia Sportage.

Israeli car market in the 2017 has broken the series of all time record. Indeed, during the previous five years light vehicles sales figures grew up uninterruptedly fueled by stable strong GDP growth and high level of investments, with the all time record signed last year at 286.000 units. In the 2017, according to the data released by the Israeli Department of Transportation System,the market consolidated the results, with the second best sales level, at 281.557 units (-1.8%).

As far as the best-selling ranking, the market is characterized for the success of the Hyundai Ioniq landed in sixth place with 7.198 sales, best rank in the World. Presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai Ioniq consists of: Ioniq Hybrid, Ioniq Electric and Ioniq Plug-in. The world’s first model offering three electrified powertrains, Ioniq will make low to zero-emission mobility accessible to everyone. The new approach of Hyundai Motor delivers an uncompromising design and driving experience through innovative technology and offers customers the latest connectivity and safety technologies. The position actually occupied in Israel is the highest worldwide.

Meantime, on top of the list there is the Kia Picanto with 11.765 units (-11.8%) ahead of the former leader, the Kia Sportage, selling 11.635 cars (-17.3%) and the Hyundai Tucson with 9.219 (-22.2%).

In fourth place the Toyota Corolla, leader in the 2014, with 9.118 sales (-16.1%) ahead of the Skoda Octavia with 8.661 (+3.1%), The Hyundai Ioniq, the Mitsubishi Outlander with 6.936 units (-31.0%) and the Hyundai i10 with 6.143 (+7.5%).

In ninth place the Mazda3 with 5.901 sales (-12.0%) and in 10th place by the Renault Clio with 5.823 sales (+108%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top 50 Models.

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