Latin America best selling car 2016. Chevrolet Onix on top

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Latin America best selling car in the 2016 with a new leader and many new models on top. For the first time Hyundai is on podium and for the first time Volkswagen is out. The former leader, Fiat Palio fell in 10th.

In the 2016 the total new light vehicles sold in the Latin America region (18 countries from Mexico down to Argentina) had been 5.2 million, down 3.6% from the previous year.

Looking at the best selling cars, the leader was the Chevrolet Onix with 173.000 units (+26.6%), up 2 spots from the previous year.

Second was the Hyundai HB20, up 5 spots, with 125.930 units (+14.1%) followed by Nissan Versa, up 9 spots with 123.060 units (+33.7%), the Volkswagen Gol with 117.293 sales (-18.3%) and the Ford Ka with 113.682 sales (-8.5%).

The first commercial vehicles, ranked in sixth place and was the Toyota Hilux, leader among the pick ups and up 3 spots, with 112.749 units, ahead of the Renault Sandero with 106.817 (-4.3%), the Toyota Corolla with 103.872 units (-6.6%), the Chevrolet Spark with 97.464 (+67.1%) and in 10th place the former leader, the Fiat Palio with 94.202 (-37.1%),

Below, you can sort our interactive tables. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015ModelSales 2016Sales 2015Variation
13Chevrolet Onix173.833137.30826,6%
27Hyundai HB20125.932110.39614,1%
312Nissan Versa123.06092.05033,7%
42Volkswagen Gol117.293143.603-18,3%
54Ford KA113.682124.275-8,5%
69Toyota Hilux112.749106.1426,2%
75Renault Sandero106.817111.653-4,3%
86Toyota Corolla103.782111.084-6,6%
927Chevrolet Spark97.46458.34167,1%
101Fiat Palio94.202149.726-37,1%
1111Chevrolet Aveo93.07898.083-5,1%
1214Nissan March86.33784.0622,7%
1322Honda HR-V83.88366.18926,7%
1415Chevrolet Prisma80.39279.6500,9%
1523Volkswagen Jetta72.02862.99614,3%
1624Volkswagen Vento69.08760.38714,4%
1726Nissan Pick-up68.93458.87817,1%
188Fiat Strada68.008107.464-36,7%
1919Renault Duster65.54272.223-9,3%
2010Ford Fiesta61.42998.451-37,6%
2120Ford Ecosport61.32769.269-11,5%
2228Nissan Sentra60.98658.1694,8%
2340Chevrolet Sonic57.12840.92539,6%
2421Volkswagen Up!56.28466.247-15,0%
2541Jeep Renegade55.61239.71340,0%
2631Renault Logan53.28754.556-2,3%
2733Ford Ranger51.30452.457-2,2%
2816Fiat Siena51.12679.595-35,8%
2935Nissan Tsuru49.33750.430-2,2%
3018Volkswagen Saveiro49.20472.890-32,5%
3137Chevrolet S1047.89843.15411,0%
32576Fiat Toro46.03365
3332Hyundai HB20S46.02353.278-13,6%
3417Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox43.72779.590-45,1%
3536Renault Clio43.04745.139-4,6%
3630Honda Fit42.71254.965-22,3%
3739Chevrolet Sail42.49541.0353,6%
3850Kia Sportage41.90332.90227,4%
3913Fiat Uno41.66486.759-52,0%
4029Ford Focus40.42755.750-27,5%
4157Toyota Yaris38.46327.82838,2%
4255Hyundai Tucson38.36129.29131,0%
4345Toyota Etios Hatch37.97435.3137,5%
4561Kia Rio37.52125.75245,7%
4653Nissan X-Trail35.59430.59616,3%
4747Peugeot 20835.03033.6993,9%
4844Volkswagen Amarok34.44537.508-8,2%
4943Honda Civic34.09138.387-11,2%
5034Volkswagen Voyage33.93450.804-33,2%
5125Chevrolet Classic33.77959.898-43,6%
5246Chevrolet Spin32.04334.900-8,2%
53Fiat Mobi31.981
5442Honda City31.75339.370-19,3%
5552Nissan Frontier30.26731.901-5,1%
5648Mitsubishi L20029.81533.484-11,0%
5759Toyota Etios Sedan29.79126.05214,4%
5854Chevrolet Tracker28.94229.728-2,6%
5949Honda CR-V28.21333.342-15,4%
6062Chevrolet Trax27.85325.6478,6%
6156Toyota RAV427.46228.963-5,2%
6260Chevrolet Cobalt25.73625.844-0,4%
63195Ford Figo24.6973.706566,4%
6471Hyundai Grand i1024.44020.79617,5%
65206Renault Oroch23.9793.274632,4%
6670Toyota Etios23.89820.85814,6%
6758Renault Kangoo23.09026.380-12,5%
6874Kia Picanto22.46419.21816,9%
6967Volkswagen Golf21.37423.063-7,3%
7087Dodge Attitude20.35613.77847,7%
7151Nissan Tiida20.19232.696-38,2%
7283Peugeot Partner20.04415.84926,5%
7379Ford F-Series19.99916.85018,7%
7466Fiat Fiorino19.68623.316-15,6%
7568Mazda CX-519.62222.876-14,2%
7675Hyundai Accent19.39019.0261,9%
7763Citroen C319.29324.816-22,3%
78125Peugeot 200819.2747.814146,7%
7972Suzuki Swift18.61920.250-8,1%
8089Volkswagen Polo17.45712.53339,3%
81Nissan Kicks15.976
8277Chevrolet Silverado15.87918.816-15,6%
83109Toyota Hilux SW415.8029.21571,5%
8496Chevrolet Cruze15.59111.68433,4%
8564Chevrolet Montana15.30924.444-37,4%
8682Hyundai Elantra15.00116.163-7,2%
8784Seat Ibiza14.81215.402-3,8%
8880Peugeot 30814.43716.631-13,2%
8978Volkswagen Suran14.35418.072-20,6%
90192Kia Forte14.1973.746279,0%
91199Chevrolet Equinox13.9073.525294,5%
92104Ford Escape12.52810.57218,5%
9398Chevrolet Cruze Sedan12.06411.5394,5%
94124Ram 70011.9408.15946,3%
9592Mazda BT-5011.82312.167-2,8%
9691Mitsubishi Outlander11.60412.258-5,3%
9793Ram 1500-350011.58411.890-2,6%
98115Kia Sorento11.4798.55334,2%
9969Fiat Punto11.29320.891-45,9%
100121Toyota Avanza11.2788.25436,6%