Netherlands 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Netherlands best
The 2021 Tesla Model Y

Netherlands best selling car ranking in 2020 was the Kia Niro with 3.4% of market share, followed closely by the Volkswagen ID.3 with 3.1%. The Opel Corsa registered incredible growth, jumping from 42th position to 6th.

The new best-selling car in the Netherlands is the Kia Niro, rising from the 5th position, with a 3.4% market share and 11.886 sales (+28.7%). At less than 1k units of distance, there is the Volkswagen ID.3, with 3.1% share and 10.965 sales.

In third place we have the Hyundai Kona -up 9 spots-, reporting 10.823 units (+51.2%), and 3.1% share, followed by the Volkswagen Polo -down 2 spots-, with 8.993 sales (-30.4%) and by the Volvo XC40 -rising 24 spots- with 8.479 sales (+90.2%).

In sixth place we have the Opel Corsa, the star of the year, jumping 36 spots with 8.473 sales (+148.4%), followed by the former leader Tesla Model 3 -falling 6 spots- with 8.369 sales (-72%) and by the Ford Focus -down 5 spots- with 7.777 units (-25.8%).

Finally, at the end of the leaderboard, we have the Renault Clio -down 3 spots- with 7.478 units (-16.9%) and at last the Peugeot 208 -jumping 13 spots- with 6.935 sales (+39.9%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the Top 50 models.

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