Russia 2018. Mitsubishi shining in a market up in double-digit

Russian Autos Market

Russian Autos Market grew 12.7% in 2018 improving in double-digit for the second consecutive time, ending with 1.799.118 units sold. Lada is the leader, holding 20.2% of the market, while Mitsubishi scored an impressive performance, up 86.6%.

Economic Environment

Russian economy lost steam overall in the third quarter, as deteriorating consumption dynamics and a poor performance by the agricultural sector weighed on activity. Available data for the fourth quarter suggests that growth likely gained steam. Rising oil production likely buttressed activity, despite the fact that the price of Ural oil sunk to the lowest level since June 2017 in December.

The economy is expected to slow this year, chiefly due to decelerating household spending. A hike in the VAT will likely limit private consumption, while constrained oil output will continue to hold back the energy sector. Softer than expected oil prices or additional tough sanctions remain key risks to Russia’s outlook.

Market Trend

Russian vehicles market collapsed in the period 2013-2016 losing over the half of the previous volume from 2.9 million in th 2012 to 1.4 million in the 2016. Only in March 2017 the fall ended and a progressive recovery took place. Indeed, according to the data released by the AEB, new light vehicles sales in he 2017 recovered at 1.595.000 (+11.9%).

In the 2018 the Russian light vehicles market has fastly recovered. The year started in a great way, up 21.8% in the first quarter, managing to keep a high speed for the rest of the year. Indeed, registrations closed at 1.799.118 improving in double-digit – up 12.7% – for the second consecutive time. Moreover, this is the largest annual score since 2014.

Competitive Arena

At brand-wise, the domestic maker controlled by Renault, Lada (Autovaz), is the best brand of the 2018 with  20.2% of market share and 360.204 vehicles sold (+15.6%), followed by Kia with 227.584 sales (+25.1%) and Hyundai with 178.269 (+12.9%).

Behind, Renault with 137.062 units (+0.3%), Toyota with 108.492 (+15.1%), Volkswagen with 106.056 (+18.5%), Skoda with 81.459 (+30.7%), Nissan with 80.925 (+6.5%), Gaz with 60.677 (+3.5%) and in 10th place Ford with 53.234 (+5.7%).

Mitsubishi is booming advancing in 11th place with sales up 86.6%.

At model level, the 2018 best-selling model is the Lada Vesta with 108.364 (+40.2%), followed by Lada Granta with 106.325 (+13.5%) and Kia Rio with 100.148 (+3.6%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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