Russia 2022. Vehicle Market Quits Global Automotive Scene Collapsing 58.8%


Russian vehicle market in 2022 totals 686,497 sales, lowest in the last 20 years and a 58.8% decrease from 2021. Confirming this trend, December falls for the 12th month in a row with 70,616 new registrations (-49.9%).

Market Trend and Outlook

Economic sanctions imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine continue to wreak havoc on Russian new car sales, accelerating their collapse. The market is falling down as consequence of the all Western companies exit from the country, by short supply for local manufacturers and least but not last, for the economic crisis with reduced purchase power and very bad expectations for the future.

While in the military battlefield the criminal Putin aspirations are braked by the Ukraine resistance, the trend of the crucial automotive industry provide a clear view about the huge lost reported by the Russian dictator even in the economic battlefield.

The Russian Market in 2022 totals 686,497 sales, a 58.8% decrease from the prior year and the lowest sales in 2 decades. December ,with 70,616 new registrations, posts the 12th consecutive loss of the year (-49.9%).

Looking at cumulative data from 2022 brand-wise, the Top 3 positions remain unchanged compared to 2021: Lana in 1st at 188,645 sales (-46.2%), followed by Kia at 66,095 (-67.9%) and Hyundai at 54,811 (-67.2%). 

Chery moves into 4th with 52,183 sales and one of the only two positive performances in the top 10 (+28.9%). Gaz follows with 42,110 sales (-25.4%), in front of Renault at 39,578 (-69.9%) and UAZ with 33,906  sales (+4.6%).

In 8th place Haval reaches 33,642 sales (-14.0%), followed by Geely with 24,419 sales (-0.7%) and in 10th Toyota with 19,645 (-79.9%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for All Brands, Top 10 Manufacturers Group and Top 10 Models.

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