Sweden Best selling cars 2017. The Top 100

Sweden Best selling cars

Sweden Best selling cars in the 2017 back to the standard, after Volkswagen braked in 2016 the 54 years long Volvo domination. IN 2017 the last generation Volvo XC60 was the best model ahead of the new Volvo V/S90 and the former leader, Volkswagen Golf.

Swedish vehicles market is on a roll having scored growing performance through recent years with consecutive records ended in the 2016 peak of 372.212 cars further hit in the 2017 with a new record of 379.240 units. A key propellent of sales acceleration is the national automotive plan, focus on alternative vehicles to fuel, with green incentives which are supporting the development of growing Electric/Hybrid vehicles segment.

Following the sensational ranking reported for the full year 2016, when Volvo has lost the best-selling model in its domestic market for the first time in the last 54 years, in the 2017 the ranking wass back to the normality.

Indeed, accordingly with data released by the BIL Sweden, the Association of Car Manufacturers in Sweden, the 2017 ranking was dominated by the recently renovated Volvo XC60, up 3 spots, with 23.514 sales (+56.5%), followed by the new  Volvo V/S90 with 22.362 units and the former leader, Volkswagen Golf, with 19.266 units (-10.5%).

In fourth place the Volvo S/V60 with 14.655 sales (-12.5%) followed by the Volvo V40 with 10.524 (-17.1%), the Volkswagen Tiguan, up 11 spots, with 9.836 units (+119.0%) and the Volkswagen Passat with 6.707 (-17.3%),

In eight place the BMW 5 Series, up 5 spots, with  6.670 units (+22.7%) ahead of the Skoda Octavia with 5.794 units (-1.6%) and in 10th place the  Kia Cee’d with 5.871 sales (-14.7%).

Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

F2M covers intensively this market with several products developed to help any investigation required. Market Researches in PDF are immediately available for download with study on the market since 2005 and with forecast up to the 2025. AutoData in EXCEL are immediately downloadable with annual sales volume, split by month, for all brands and all models distributed in the market. This year data are released year to date, but you will receive a monthly update until the year-end.  See details within Sweden Corner Store

Rank 2017Rank 2016ModelSales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
14Volvo XC6023.79815.02758,4%
269Volvo S/V9022.5931.3221609,0%
31Volkswagen Golf19.45821.516-9,6%
43Volvo S/V6015.11616.755-9,8%
55Volvo V4010.52412.691-17,1%
618Volkswagen Tiguan9.8364.492119,0%
76Volkswagen Passat7.6058.108-6,2%
814BMW 5 Series6.6705.43522,7%
97Toyota Auris6.2087.423-16,4%
1010Skoda Octavia5.7945.889-1,6%
119Kia Cee’d5.7816.778-14,7%
1220Mercedes E Class5.4754.13932,3%
1315Nissan Qashqai5.3835.1454,6%
1416Toyota Yaris5.3565.1294,4%
1513Skoda Fabia4.8865.482-10,9%
1621Renault Clio4.6614.03315,6%
1712Audi A64.6565.580-16,6%
188Volkswagen Polo4.5867.091-35,3%
1911Audi A44.4685.684-21,4%
2019BMW 3 Series4.0364.362-7,5%
2123Volkswagen Passat GTE3.7263.804-2,1%
2226Renault Captur3.4413.576-3,8%
23179Toyota C-HR3.4151222699,2%
24128Kia Niro3.323492575,4%
2596Peugeot 30083.319842294,2%
2627Toyota RAV43.1923.465-7,9%
2729Mercedes C Class3.1253.258-4,1%
2822Audi A32.9563.814-22,5%
2932Kia Rio2.8673.100-7,5%
3035Skoda Superb2.8282.7552,6%
3117Kia Sportage2.8114.625-39,2%
3234Peugeot 2082.7762.823-1,7%
3324Opel Astra2.7723.694-25,0%
3430Seat Leon2.7633.138-12,0%
3557Mercedes GLC2.7291.69261,3%
3625Ford Focus2.7043.612-25,1%
3737BMW 1 Series2.6852.4678,8%
3881Volvo XC902.6341.017159,0%
3963Renault Mégane2.6001.45279,1%
3936Dacia Duster2.6002.729-4,7%
4028Peugeot 3082.5663.266-21,4%
4176Citroen C32.4891.178111,3%
4239Peugeot 20082.3102.2741,6%
4344Hyundai i202.2931.99315,1%
4470Ford Kuga2.2831.29376,6%
4551Mercedes A Class2.2821.78827,6%
46Skoda Kodiaq2.014
4749Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV1.9921.8199,5%
4846Mini Hatch1.9541.8744,3%
4953Subaru Outback1.9001.7588,1%
5031Toyota Avensis1.8853.103-39,3%
5145Kia Picanto1.8511.930-4,1%
5242Mazda CX-31.8422.006-8,2%
5341Mercedes CLA1.8192.111-13,8%
5455Seat Ibiza1.6971.749-3,0%
5533Hyundai i301.6712.885-42,1%
5654Audi Q51.6611.757-5,5%
5640Renault Kadjar1.6612.252-26,2%
5756Volkswagen Sharan1.6521.694-2,5%
5879Kia Optima1.6391.03658,2%
5952Audi A11.6291.774-8,2%
6043BMW X11.5801.995-20,8%
6172Subaru Forester1.5401.26022,2%
6260BMW X31.5381.609-4,4%
6364Mazda CX-51.5161.4335,8%
6450Ford Fiesta1.4941.796-16,8%
6538Ford Mondeo1.4542.279-36,2%
6661Dacia Sandero1.4221.606-11,5%
6787Audi A51.34591646,8%
6847Opel Corsa1.3201.846-28,5%
6966Mitsubishi ASX1.3131.377-4,6%
7048Hyundai Tucson1.3121.823-28,0%
71175Audi Q21.279133861,7%
7265Toyota Verso1.2531.403-10,7%
7384Volkswagen Touran1.23694231,2%
7477Honda Civic1.2311.1764,7%
7568Subaru XV1.2001.336-10,2%
76135Seat Ateca1.190421182,7%
7762Audi Q31.1841.485-20,3%
78101Opel Insignia1.14282738,1%
8075Suzuki Vitara1.0481.196-12,4%
8188Nissan X-Trail1.03590114,9%
8274Skoda Yeti1.0261.198-14,4%
8359BMW 2 Series9971.620-38,5%
8471Honda CR-V9911.291-23,2%
85182Kia Optima PHEV988117744,4%
8699Nissan Leaf98183617,3%
8766BMW 4 Series9241.377-32,9%
8867Fiat 5009021.360-33,7%
8990Citroen C4 Picasso8938831,1%
90102Opel Mokka89080310,8%
9178Kia Sorento8871.139-22,1%
9291Mitsubishi Outlander8768611,7%
93100Kia Soul8618313,6%
94136Renault Zoe851418103,6%
95108Lexus NX84676610,4%
9686Honda HR-V838936-10,5%
9789Toyota Prius820887-7,6%
9898Tesla Model S800837-4,4%
99105Hyundai i10782788-0,8%
100113Renault Talisman77168113,2%