Tanzania Auto Market Data & Report


Tanzania Auto Market is tracked with the last decade sales figures by all brands and models. You can have access to an Excel Dataset or to a Market Report, including next year’s forecast.

Excel Dataset

We purchase new vehicles registrations for 159 countries worldwide – included this one – from the local official authorities and receive a monthly file with raw data by country.

You can have access to this service:

  • Data by Year/Month/Brand/Model/Segment
  • Historical data (from 2010 to last month) and/or to monthly sales update.
  • Next Year’s Forecast
  • Data is released in excel via mail or cloud.

Last 2 years dataset cost €3.000. 

The service cost is correlated with the data perimeter and you will have a customized quotation just contacting us at info@focus2move.com

Market Report

The report provides a comprehensive and complete overview of the market competitive environment including information on the sales volumes of cars and light commercial vehicles, market size, market share, and industry trends.

Through our comprehensive global sales database and the expertise of seasoned consultants in this field, we can help you gain further insight into the automotive market trends and base your business decisions on actionable data.

Table of contents

  • Country Overview
    • Geography
    • History
    • People & Politics
  • Economic Outlook
    • Economy
    • Infrastructure
  • Market Outlook
    • Market Heritage
    • Car Passenger’s segmentation
    • LCVs segmentation
    • Car Passengers Body Type mix
    • LCVs Body Type mix
    • Premium segment share
    • Chinese OEMs share
  • Key Players
    • Top selling Groups 2022
    • Top selling Brands 2022
    • Premium Brands
    • Chinese Brands
  • Market Data By Model
    • Top selling Models 2022
    • Top models by segment and body type
  • Key Factors for market Evolution
    • Country development
    • Economic Outlook
    • Customer base evolution
    • Low-Carbon Transition Policy
    • Infrastructure & Investments
  • 2023-2028 Volume Forecast
    • TIV evolution by segment
    • Cars and LCVs forecast
    • Segments forecast
    • Premium segment share forecast
    • Chinese OEMs share forecast
    • Forecast by Manufacturer

Price for market research: €2,500

Price for market research + Last 2 Years dataset in excel: €4,000

For further inquiries contact us at info@focus2move.com