Tanzania 2018. Mitsubishi & Volkswagen shining in a market up just 1.9%

Tanzanian Vehicles Market

Tanzanian Vehicles Market in the 2018 was flat. Sales improved only 1.9% at 2.290 units despite the economy’s solid growth. Toyota kept the crown, holding 30% of the market, ahead of Ford and Nissan. Impressive performances were scored by Mitsubishi and Volkswagen.

Tanzania’s economy expanded at a solid pace in 2018, propelled by solid consumer spending amid robust credit growth and declining inflation; growing tourist inflows; and a strong infrastructure push, which spurred construction activity. On the flip side, strong domestic demand fueled imports, which, along with dwindling traditional exports, translated into a notable widening of the current account deficit.

Growth is set to ease in 2019 but will remain robust nonetheless. Consumer spending will continue to benefit from rising wages and solid credit growth, while fixed investment is sustained by solid infrastructure spending and mining investment. That said, the current account deficit will remain sizable, while unpredictable policymaking could discourage FDI inflows.

Tanzanian new vehicles market is not yet reflecting the country improvements in the economic side, with new vehicles car park heavily fueled by import of used vehicles.

Three factors are actually blocking the potential for new vehicles, the low pro capita income, the poor infrastructure road system and the absence of laws limiting the import of obsolete vehicles.

Looking at the last years sales volume, the market is basically flat at an almost low-level. In the 2017, a marginal growth resulted with volume at 3.324 (+7.5%), including 1.022 HCVs and Bus.

In the 2018, light vehicles sales ended moderately positive, keeping a steady trend for the entire year. Indeed, registrations have increased by 1.9% from the previous year, with 2.290 units sold.

The competitive landscape was still dominated by Toyota, which sold 690 units (+3.3%) with 30.1% of market share. In second place Ford with 384 sales (-1.5%) followed by Nissan with 356 (-2.7%).

Impressive performances were scored by Mitsubishi and Volkswagen, both improving over 25% from the previous year.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for top Brands

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