Togo 2018. Auto sales up a mere 3%

Togo Vehicles Market

Togo Vehicles Market in 2018 reported a moderate improvement. Indeed, Full-year registrations have been 558 (+3%). Toyota over 20% of share, ahead of Hyundai and Nissan.

Togo’s automotive industry still has a marginal rule with the most of the circulating park fueled by the import of used vehicles. New vehicles market is very little, with the all time record hit in the 2015 when sales reached 708 units.

In 2018, registrations marginally improved from the previous year, ending at 558 (+3%).

The competitive landscape is evolving. Until few years ago the French makers, Renault in particular, had the leadership. In most recent years, Toyota took the market lead, and in 2018 held over 20% of share, ahead of Hyundai and Nissan.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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