Trinidad & Tobago 2017. Market dropped 25%

Trinidad and Tobago Car Market

Trinidad and Tobago car market in 2017 dropped 25% from the previous year, when the all time record had been established. While expectations were positive, the size of fall surprised our analysts. Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan combined share is over 56%.

Trinidad & Tobago economy in the 2017 points to a long-awaited upturn, with fiscal and output milestones appearing to lay the groundwork for an upbeat start to the year.

Corporate tax changes and the creation of a new Revenue Authority, which were drafted into law in December’s 2017–18 budget and took effect this year, are part of the government’s efforts to stimulate revenue and manage fiscal imbalances.

Trinidad & Tobago car market is one of the largest in the Caribbean with recent years characterized by a sequel of new all time records, ended in the 2016 with a record of 18.204. However, in the 2017, according with data released by local Association of Automotive Dealers, the momentum was suddenly broken and the market fell down above any expectations, falling at the lowest level in this decade, at 13.500 units, down 25.8% from the previous year.

At brand-wise, Toyota was again on top of the list with 2.868 sales and 21.2% of market share, followed by Hyundai and Nissan. These three brands hold over 56% of market share.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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