Uruguay 2017. Market boomed at second best level ever

Uruguay Vehicles Sales

Uruguay Vehicles Sales in 2017 boomed at the second best level ever, up 25.4% from the previous year. Doubling sales, Chevrolet reduced the gap to the leader, Volkswagen, which posted a remarkable +52%.

Uruguay’s economy grew a solid 2.2% year-on-year as growth in private consumption and exports offset a sharp contraction in fixed investment partially linked to the ongoing closure of the La Teja refinery. Private consumption growth remained robust despite rising inflation throughout the quarter, but is likely to have moderated somewhat since, as salary growth was weak in October and November. Exports, however, grew at the quickest rate since Q2 2013 in Q3, boosted by a strong tourism sector. Moreover, industrial production is seemingly showing signs of a recovery.

Uruguayan vehicles market in recent years declined from the record established in the 2013, with 56.220 light vehicles sold to the 44.285 units reported in the 2016. However, according to data released by the ACAU, the Asociation del Comercio Automotor del Uruguay, during the 2017 the market reported a robust performance ending the year at the second best result ever, with 56.843 units (+25.4%).

Volkswagen runs fast on top of the list selling so far 8.303 vehicles (+52.7%) and 14.6% of market share.

In second place the fast growing Chevrolet, up 92.5% with 7.331 sales followed by Fiat with 6.344 sales (+14.8%), Renault with 5.109 (+16.6%), Suzuki with 4.996 (+11.7%), Nissan with 3.211 (+27.6%), Hyundai with 2.959 (+33.6%), Peugeot with 2.686 (+28.8%) and Ford with 1.889 (-10.2%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.

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