Venezuela vehicles market in 2015 fell below the 20.000 units, down 28%.

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Venezuela vehicles market in 2015 fell below the 20.000 units, down 28% from the previous year. The market is collapsing again hit by sharp economic crisis and counts less than one fifth of 2011 volumes.

Country Outlook

Venezuela headed to the polls on 6 December in what were the tightest elections since the ruling Socialist United Party of Venezuela (PSUV) came to power in 1999. Preliminary results show that the political opposition won 99 of 167 seats in the legislative election while the PSUV won 46 seats with 22 seats still to be counted. The new seat distribution enables the political opposition to push laws for the first time in well over a decade. However, the political and economic direction the country will take going forward is still uncertain.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan National Assembly approved the budget for 2016 on 1 December. The VEF 1.6 trillion budget, equivalent to USD 247 billion at the official exchange rate, is twice as large as the budget for 2015. The 2016 budget assumes the price of oil to be USD 40 per barrel. The government, however, did not make an official forecast for inflation or economic growth.

Market Outlook

Only five years ago this market was reporting over 125.000 sales per year while in the 2015 it fell below the 20.000 units at the end of a long decline.

Indeed, according to data released by the CAVENEZ, the local association of car manufacturers, in the Q4 car demand was really low with sales falling over 65% confirming the real collapse already registered in the previous quarter. At the end of the year, total light vehicles sales had been 17.268, down 28.8% from the previous year.

Chevrolet was market leader with 5.163 sales (-11.1%) and 30.0% of market share ahead of Toyota with 3.503 (+5.3%) and Mitsubishi with 3.466 (-6.8%).

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Rank DecRank 2015BrandSales DecSales 2015Dec Var2015 VarShare DecShare 2015

Rank DecRank 2015ModelSales DecSales 2015Dec Var2015 VarShare DecShare 2015
221Chevrolet Silverado12.405-87,5%214,0%0,1%14,4%
82Toyota Fortuner911.493-49,2%34,0%5,8%8,9%
13Chevrolet Aveo3491.315-58,8%18,9%22,2%7,9%
124Mitsubishi Canter271.236-65,8%91,9%1,7%7,4%
165Dodge Forza181.210350,0%132,2%1,1%7,2%
236Toyota Corolla-1.201-100,0%-26,5%0,0%7,2%
57Mitsubishi Montero11678790,2%-15,2%7,4%4,7%
38Ford Explorer157743-58,6%-38,5%10,0%4,4%
109Toyota Hilux39737-56,2%42,0%2,5%4,4%
1410Mitsubishi L30025723#DIV/0!165,5%1,6%4,3%