World Best Selling Mid Size Cars. The top 25 in 2020

Best mid sized cars
The Toyota Camry 2018

World Best Selling Mid Size Cars in 2020 final data: The Toyota Camry holds the top of the list, followed by the Nissan Sylphy and the Honda Accord. The Tesla Model 3, jumped in 4th position from a previous 10th place in 2019.

In 2020, we still have a Japanese vehicle on top of the ranking, very popular in US & Canada, the Toyota Camry sales have been 609.303, with 7.1% share, 0.2% less compared to last year.

In second place we have the Nissan Sylphy –which last year was 2 positions lower- with 546.631 units (6.4% share), followed by the Honda Accord, which fell 1 spot and sold 451.61 units (5.3% share).

In fourth place the Tesla Model 3 -climbing rapidly 6 spots- with 439.760 sales (5.1% share) followed by the Volkswagen Lavida which fell 2 spots this year with 419.816 sales (4.9% share). The BMW 3 Series fell 2 spots as well, reporting 359.037 units sold (4.2% share).

In seventh place, we have the Volkswagen Passat -down 1 spot- with 324.749 units (3.8% share) ahead of the Mercedes C Class with 319.421 units (3.7% share) which fell 3 spots.

Closing the leaderboard we have a new entry, the Buick Excellence GT -up 2 spots- with 295.857 units sold (3.5% share) followed by the Skoda Octavia -down 3 spots- with 250.762 units (2.9% share).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 25 models.

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