World Best Selling Mid-Size Cars 2022. BYD Qin PLUS Rises 10 Spots Into 6th


World Best Selling Mid-Size Cars of 2022: Toyota Camry protects the throne, from the Tesla Model 3 in second place. The BYD Qin Plus enters the leader board rising 10 spots.

In 2022 the best selling mid-size car is the Toyota Camry that maintains 1st with 669,968 sales (-2.6%), followed by the Tesla Model 3, which sold 537,023 units (-6.0%).

In third place ranks the Nissan Sylphy with 448,982 sales (-11.0%), in front of the Honda Accord which sold 400,626 units (-8.4%).

The Volkswagen Lavida moves into 5th with 361,774 sales (-8.1%) followed by the BYD Qin PLUS  -up 10 spots- with 308,368 new registrations (+81.6%). Next the BMW 3 Series -down 2 spots- reporting 303,314 units sold (-23.8%).

In eight place ranks the Volkswagen Passat  -down 1 spot- with 288,686 sales (+6.5%) ahead of the Mercedes C Class with 283,578 units sold (+9.5%).

Closing the leader board for the second year in a row we have the Audi A4 with 214,553 sales (-3.0%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 25 models.

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